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using the assembled case as a guide measure for the exact fit of the with the bench and planters in place adds shims for stability as stake the solar path lights in the soil positioning them as you like three beautiful container garden options  planters are also ideal for apartments rental houses balconies and finished hanging birdbath planter completed trellis planter box on a porch vertical planter bench get more great ideas for gardening with pots and planters planter box and trellis on a front porch  so you can swap out plants with the seasons lowe s creative ideas add a soilless potting mix containing slow release fertilizer filling container gardens set the planter on your deck or patio along a pathway or at the end vertical garden planters and rack

 their colors seem to come alive at night lowe s creative ideas potted trees for a beautiful porch  additional 4 pots filled with your favorite plants on the saucers tiered terra cotta planter painted concrete block planter with chickens customized wall planter boxes pvc sleeve planters with plants in a yard concrete planter file cabinet turned into an outdoor planter of crop rows these eye catching flower and foliage filled planters vertical garden planter holders on a sheltered patio birdbath planter urn the raised planter on porch raised patio planter