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Flower Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What would I charge hourly to weed, edge, and generally clean up a flower garden?

    I've been asked to get a flower garden back in shape for a small backyard. I have no idea what to charge. I think it will take about a day to complete and I live in Canada so would like Canadian rates.

  2. What is an easy way to start gardening?

    I will return home at the end of July and would like to start some sort of gardening project in August. But I have never done any kind of gardening/landscaping. I have no idea what kind to buy and plant. I am completely clueless. We live in Kansas were we experience all 4 seasons. It gets quite windy in our area. The front of the house is facing the south.

  3. Where can I find a good website with landscaping ideas/pictures?

    I have been looking all over the internet and can not find a good website with landscaping ideas and pictures. The website has to be free of charge and have lots of photographic examples of flower/plant combinations, etc.

  4. Where to Find Garden Plans or Customize Myself Online?

    Im looking to do some garden landscaping & in need of some websites that I can maximize every bit of space that I have. Im start'g on the side yard 1st & have put in my 2 trees & some sod & put in a drip system. But now I need to frame the area around the sod & my trees & in between the 2 (roughly 26'x22'). But not sure where to put the flowers. I intend to use a total of 30+ varieties as this will be my Master Garden. Is there a website that will let me create this on my own by color? Im only using shades of Blues, Pinks, & Purples and White and a Purple Alyssum as a ground cover. Or any websites that could/would show me layouts that have been sketched & used to give me some ideas? Im think'g of mixing a Mediterranean Garden, a Country Garden, & Arizona Native Garden for my Master Garden.

  5. How can I build a garden with walls-back yard has steep drop?

    I have the idea in my head- I need a flower bed/garden for the back part of my yard which has a steep drop off. I want to build something with wood or cheap materials so the back of the garden doesnt slip off the "cliff"(as i like to call it) This is going to be used not only to plant flowers, but to aid in stuff such as my daughters soccer balls falling off the cliff. What ideas do you have? Thanks in advance

  6. I wanna try a landscaping idea which will emphasize the beauty of my garden?

    what type of landscaping idea can you recommend to me?

  7. What is the best way to land scape?

    I need tips I am going to make a flower garden!

  1. Can someone help me with with this function word problem?

    Creative Landscaping has 60yd of fencing with which to enclose a rectangular flower garden. If the garden is x yards long, express the garden’s area as a function of the length. I know the answer is A(x)=30x-x^2 But I have no idea how to get it. Can someone explain it?

  2. What is a good website to view flowers for gardens?

    I am looking for a site or sites for ideas for landscaping my gardens.

  3. Keeping deer from eating my landscape?

    I live in NC and am having terrible problems with deer eating my landscaping like shrubs, flowers and garden plants. Any ideas besides blowing the critters away?

  4. How much, if any, will landscaping work increase the value of my property?

    I want to get some landscaping work done around my house. Maybe $3-4k worth. Does landscaping generally have a decent return on housing value? I remember reading something about how kitchen renovations give you the biggest bang for your buck, but I couldn't find anything about general landscaping. I'm going to have some new plants and bushes put in, re-brick the patio, and have all the rocks replaced with mulch. I'm new to owning a home, so I'm just looking for some insight. Thanks.

  5. What is a good internet site with landscaping help?

    I'm wondering if there's an internet site out there with ideas for landscaping, including pictures and descriptions of many plants (size, shape, etc.) Is there a site like this out there? Thanks.

  6. How can I find out what flowers and plants grow good in my area?

    This is our first spring in our new house and I want to take up gardening as a hobby. However, I'm new to the idea and to the area and really don't know what to plant. I'm not interested in vegetables, just plants and flowers for landscaping. Is there an online website that you know of where I can put in my location and it tells me what does well in my region? I already know about the Arbor Day Site program but it just mostly tells trees.

  7. Any suggestions for a unique eagle project?

    I'm looking for an eagle project, and i want it to be away from the usual. I don't want it to be planting a flower garden, painting a wall, building a fence, etc. Does anybody have any ideas that are unique? Please share your experiences of eagle projects you've participated in or have seen or observed. Thank you.