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Unique Garden Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Can I have separate themes for my wedding ceremony and reception?

    My colors are turquoise and brown. I am using that for dresses I'm having made and the flower arrangements I making. I'm also making elegant tree branches with lights and ornaments for the ceremony. The reception, however, is themed as a tea party and we are setting each table up with a different tea set theme (japan, vietnam, garden, english, victorian, so on...) The problem is that that reception will have lots of different colors. How should I organize the two themes so that it doesn't look scattered and unorganized?

  2. I want to redecorate my room into a more gothic style, but I can't find anything good.?

    I am a gothic person and I love the gothic look. I want to change my room into a more gothic style but I have serched for ideas and came up with zip! I need some ideas!!

  3. what are some unique ideas to add a little personality to your bedroom?

    btw, im 14

  4. If you had 10 Acres what would you do with it?

    I live on 11+ acres in Northeast Georgia, we have not decided what to do with 10 of it. Looking for ideas from growing specific/unique crops for profit to a charitable cause or something extreme and fun. What would you do?

  5. Check out this web site I found, unusual and unique gift ideas. They also have catalog shopping available.?

    www.blueskies-everythingzen.com candles, incense, home and garden accents, accessories and decor and a plethora of holiday ideas anyone will love. someone asked a question about shopping early for christmas, forgive me if i sounded as though i were advertising, as this was not my specific intention. jeez....

  1. Wedding Venues Ceremony and reception at the same place.?

    I'm having my wedding in march and i want to find a low-budget venue in the Philadelphia PA area? Any suggestions?

  2. I need some decorating ideas. Any suggestions?? Green and orange beach wedding, Asian influence. Thanks!?

    We are planning an Asian influenced, beach wedding, for May 2009. My colors are Fern (Davids Bridal), which to me is in the Olive family and different shades of Orange. I am trying to think of unique decor and flower arrangements. I am thinking of having little Sake cups for my guest gift. So I am up to some creativity!! If you have any ideas, let me know!! Thanks in advanced!

  3. What to sell in a yard sale?

    I mean obviously old stuff I don't use anymore, but I mean something I could make. like those flower clips everybody wears. Please give me things people will actually buy. Also, if you know how to, or its not obvious, include how to make whatever it is. And how much should I sell the stuff for? Thank you! I have no idea where to ask this, so since like most of my questions are here, this one is too.

  4. Wedding favor ideas?

    I am getting married in the fall and want to do something unique as wedding favors and decor. Something other than the cookie cutters or candles. Themes I'm looking at are a wine theme or garden theme (for fall). I would like to cut costs in this dept, so something I could make myself would be great. Any ideas?

  5. i need help with room decor?

    so, im wanting to re-decorate my room, as a christams present from my parents, i love the bedding, and styles from anthropologie, but the quilts and accessories are really expensive. i love bringing in influences from nature(like birds, leaves, flowers, and trees) and jewel tones(muted, and bright) to create a very unique space. does anyone have any suggestions for wall colors(my favorite colors are purple and green) accessory ideas, or places where i could get things like the bedding from anthropologie, but less expensive? id appreciate it! just any decor advice is needed. (i would really like to incorporate a tree, or design of one somewhere)