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Unique Garden Decor Products Questions Answered!

  1. What are some good companies that will allow you to dropship for them?

    Im not talking about companies like Doba and Productsourcing. I mean an actual store that also allows you to dropship for them.

  2. Home and garden shows in California?

    Hey I have very nice home decor products(pottery,vases,fountains etc.) importing directly from Thailand.Basically my friend owns a little factory. I'd like to know more about home and garden shows in California(or Nevada),just to have a better opportunity to spread my products across the country.Everything's very beautiful and unique(handmade). I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

  3. Themes for 14 year old bedroom?

    ok, furniture, decorations, bedspread, paint etc. needed i need themes! one i wont grow out of, so no beachy and im not sporty either something unique! i have limited room space, very small room, and the one of the biggest walls is a window seat, with the three windows looking out, so limited space storage ideas too not too expensive murals could be cool links and pictures appreciated!!1 thanx to everyone who answers!! funnily enough aerie, the purple thing is exactly what i have, with cheetah print bedspread and curtains, but i dont really like it, and the antique furniture (yes, i have that to lol) takes up too much room, so i need space savers, but i really think youre ideas are cool(i mean, my bedroom is exactly what you said lol)

  1. Would you shop at a pet store that...?

    My brother in law is opening a little pet store in town, but wasn't sure if he could compete with petco and petsmart since we're a smaller town. He had an idea on drawing people in, but wasn't sure if it would be a bust or not. So I'm trying to get some feedback for him. All of his merchandise will be made locally by REAL people. Not a corporation. He already has a man on standby that will build him 10 cages per week, and a woman to make handmade collars, dog clothes and bird toys. He even has an artist crafting aquarium decor! So everything is unique and most of your money stays in town. All of the pocket pets and reptiles are from local breeders that he either knows personally or has checked out already. Most of the dogs and cats will be from rescue shelters. The only kittens/puppies up for adoption will be from people we know, or local people.. not breeders. (He's very against puppy mills and over-breeding) Also, his prices are fairly cheap. Compared to petco, they are slightly higher on food, medicine (stuff you have to order from a catalog) but much cheaper when it comes to cages, toys, ect. So would you switch from petco/petsmart to shop at a local store like this? What else would draw you in as a customer?

  2. wholesale website examples please?

    im 17 and want to someday soon start a ebay business but i need help are there any wholesale websites that show their prices compared to shop prices and tell you how and when you pay the wholesalers the money

  3. I want to make my room look like a beach? please helppp!?

    Im getting my carpet and walls redone in my room, and one idea i have is to make the carpet sand colored and make the room look like you're at a beach. (i LOVED the beaches in hawaii!) i would like to make the very bottom of the walls look sandy, and have the water line kind of blending up to the sky. maybe if there was some really nice wallpaper? http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk258/ERWoodhouse/beach.jpg like that kind of look? is there any way i can do this? this would be a dream come true. please give me ideas, paints, wallpapers, techniques, is this possible???? (i like the behr paints at homedepot if you want to say what i should do)