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Unique Garden Decor Accessories Questions Answered!

  1. What are some interesting and different things to do in Maryville, Tennessee?

    I'll be going in January. I'm not interested in Dollywood or Pigeon Forge. I would like to know where the more interesting places to shop (no chain stores). I like antiques and boutiques. Where is there good spicy food? Thanks.

  2. Quirky/original accessories and orniments for decorating my room ?

    I want things like garden gnomes, pictures of elvis and canvases Thanks for any suggestions/ website recommendations :)

  3. heart shaped shepard hooks?

    Any one know where i can find one?

  1. Are you fed up with how quickly decoating fads come and go?

    Years ago there were no home and garden shows to spark our interest to keep on top of the latest decor trends. This and manufactures/retailers that want us to keep buying must be creating the decor buying frenzy to always be IN STYLE. Now it seems the styles and trends change every year. One year wallpaper is out, the next it's back in but now in big bold patterns and colours. One year very neutral and beige is in, the next year beige and neutral is passe. Now everything has to be GRAY!!! IN Ceramic tiles are now 12" X 36" or 48". So now my tiles are old fashioned. I'm fed up and wonder if I'm the only one? Please tell me your views. I'm tired of painting rooms frequently to be IN.....and now you have to paint or paper a feature wall to be IN. I'd rather save my money for retirement instead of becoming DECOR Poor. And all the stuff that used to be in style goes out the door to Salvation Army, Goodwill or it's scooped up for free on Craiglist. Years ago people didn't change their funiture until is was worn out and then many just reupholstered what they had. Rooms were only repainted when they needed to be. And no body judged us as being out of style. Manufacturers and Retailers are forcing us to buy, buy, buy, are there others out there who would rather save, save, save? Should we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to retailers and boycott buying the current trends?

  2. which sims 2 should i buy?

    im thinking of what i should buy my sister for Christmas and she has the sims 2 so i was wondering what sims game should i buy her i was thinking nightlife since u get a car but also seasons since she likes that along with nightlife