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  1. i need some ideas on how to make a classy wedding on a budget of only $500?

    i am getting married in aug my fiance was totally willing to spend up to 3000 on the wedding but he came up with the idea to spend less on the wedding so we can take our honeymoon in the Caribbeans so now i need some help i didnt have too much planned for the big wedding but i want it simple but classy and country but not trashy and ideas?? Ok every ones on the food and the officiant the man who is going to marry us isn't going to cost me anything he is a friend and he is a ordained minister, the food is taken care of we are having it catered my a local bbq house(i got the hook up on that) i need ideas for the wedding decor on how to do it cheaper but still have it nice like. and the reception and i already know not to invite 100 ppl that's common sense when your not trying to spend a fortune i mainly need help on the decor and ideas on inexpensive but pretty ok thank you IGNOR THE FEES