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Unique Garden Decor Items Questions Answered!

  1. What are some unique and creative websites for home decor or furniture?

    Just looking for fun items that are not too expensive.

  2. What are some interesting and different things to do in Maryville, Tennessee?

    I'll be going in January. I'm not interested in Dollywood or Pigeon Forge. I would like to know where the more interesting places to shop (no chain stores). I like antiques and boutiques. Where is there good spicy food? Thanks.

  3. What kind of decorations can I buy that would match my slate/iron tables?

    I don't really know the actual style name my taste is, but I really like the slate/iron look. I bought black leather couches, and slate/iron end tables. I even painted the room a sage color. Now...I don'tt know where to buy items to match/fit in with that decor. I know Indian thingswouldn'tt match, that obvious, but I am clueless on wall art, type of drapes, nickknackss.. Any help?

  1. Whats procedure for carrying out a simple condition survey of a house? and how do you do it?

    Whats procedure for carrying out a simple condition survey of a house? and how do you do it?

  2. a list of all the sims 2 and 3 games?

    for the pc please. for all the new sims3 and sims3 expansion pack and then all the sims2 and sims2 expansion packs. also if you find them, a list of the story ones would be nice too. thanks a lot!

  3. Things to buy for my room?

    Hi! So I'm redoing my room next week. Not a complete makeover, just repainting and re-arranging it. I'm also buying new things as well. I'm detasseling this summer which starts around the 6th of July, and will end 3 weeks later. So I will have quite a bit of money to spend. We are painting my room a bright orange, but not too bright, and the accents are going to be purple and lime green. We are also doing a basketball theme as well. Not like everything needs to be basketball, but some things will be. Here's a list I have already of things to buy -Basketball bean bag chair or some type of chair for a corner in my room -Basketball decals for my wall (which my mom is buying for me) -Hair Straightener -Long mirror to go on the back of my door -Storage for closet (my mom is buying my this, this is where I will put all my pj pants and things like that) -Candles ( for decoration, I've been really getting into candles for some reason) -Storage for desk (which I'm also going to put my hair stuff in, and my hair straighenter, and things for my desk like note books and stuff) Any other ideas? I want to make my room really cool and unique. I already have a cork board in my room. And the ideas cant be really expensive, because I don't want to spend all my money. Those chairs are 400 dollars. I said nothing too expensive!