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Home And Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Looking for a website with landscaping ideas?

    I am looking for a website that shows landscaping ideas for "normal" everyday homes , seems like they are all these huge fabulous homes owned by rich people which I am not,lol I own a brick ranch and am looking to re-landscape the front yard. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

  2. Do you hate it when another M&D regular inadvertently plants bad ideas in your head?

    Or does it secretly give you a thrill? Suggested Category: Home & Garden > Garden & Landscape

  3. What are some good landscaping ideas for my garden?

    Do you know any sites that has good landscaping pictures to get ideas? I have planted 6 fruit trees, and now need to do the landscaping and the ground work to cover the dirt and make it look nice. If i don't cover the dirt, weed keeps growing and dried grass. Pls help, thanks!

  4. What is a good gardening beginners magazine to read?

    I'm wanting to start my own garden and landscape my back yard but i want a good mag with good ideas. Not anything to much but a creative mag.

  5. What business can i start from home?

    I want to start a business, I am sick and tired of applying/looking for jobs and getting nowhere. I want to start a busines that's cheap to start,, but one that would grow and become a good investment. I want to do one that involves being outdoors, but not landscaping/gardening, any ideas?

  6. I need landscaping ideas for a hillside in front of my home. I have pulled up ivy and ready for a new look.?

    Does anyone have any detailed ideas, plant suggestions? I do want to use plants that will some back every season ( flowering, grasses, bushes, ect.).

  1. What does retirement mean to most people?

    I need some ideas for a study I am doing. I have asked many people around here where I live, but it is a very small town. Many people are just being sarcastic and saying things like, "it means that I am getting old" I really hope that I can get some honest and thoughtful answers here. Thank you all, in advance. I would like to thank everyone once again for your answers. They are greatly appreciated. I wish I could pick them all as being the best answer. They will be very useful in my study.

  2. Anyone have landscaping ideas for the front of a house?

    We just bought our first home last July and are clueless how to landscape around the house. Right now all that's around the house are ugly bushes that are dead. This spring we are digging up the bushes and we have bought landscaping stone (the multicolored gravel) to go around the house. Does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions on what to plant? I want colorful flowers that will come up every year and some trees that are mauve in color. I haven't a clue what to get! Help!

  3. Any idea where to find a landscape designer to design my home's backyard in Livermore CA? Any references? Any

    Looking to have a nice garden with lot of colourful flowers & design for front & back yard.

  4. what is the importance of vegetable/herbs in a permaculture garden?

    i need some help with this because i cant find it on the internet it would also help if you told me the importance of: habitat water tanks chickens+otheranimals in a permaculture garden thanks!

  5. Plz point me to websites for finding simple landscaping maintenance tips.?

    I recently moved to my nicely landscaped property located in Houston, TX, but the number of plants has grown, creating a fuller look including weeds. I like to keep it simple for better aeration and control of termites and roaches. So, I'd like to start removing plants to create air flow, but want to do it without altering the aesthetics of the lawn. Thanks for your help.