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Rustic Garden Decor To Make Questions Answered!

  1. What tools and supplies do I need to buy to start building furniture and decor out of twigs and sticks?

    I have a HUGE slash pile that I want to turn into furniture and usable items. I'm a big fan of rustic / lodge furnishings and decor, and would like to try my hand at making some myself. What kind of tools do you recommend I buy? What other supplies? Until I know whether I can do this, I don't want to invest in expensive power tools or a workbench. Just the basics. I have a hammer and screwdrivers, and that's about it. Ideas?? Also, what tool would I use to scratch designs into the wood?

  2. Where can I go to shop online for primitive/rustic country decor?

    Am decorating my home and like antique country decor. I'm interested in old advertising tin signs, home accents, etc. I love antique kitchen utensils/cookware, advertising signs for food/soda/old companies and stuff like that. Yet I need it to be reasonably priced stuff. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

  3. Do i need to apply anything before i paint my garden bench?

    i have a old garden bench which i want to sand down, paint and bring inside to use in my dining room. its well weathered but i am unsure whether i would need to put anything else on the bench before or after painting such as primer and varnish or any other speical products or whether i can just sand it down and paint on top. any suggestions would be great.

  4. In decorating, who decides whats IN and whats OUT?

    One year bright colored walls are OK, now not, formerly, big bulky furniture, now small compact.

  5. Do you have any elegant, rustic, vintage, handmade wedding ideas?

    My fiance and I are getting married on a very small budget way under $10,000. Our wedding reception will be in a hall that was built in the 1800's. It's a beautiful place! I'm looking for some elegant, rustic, vintage, handmade wedding ideas? I'm making just about every wedding decoration for the wedding reception. Do you have some ideas or websites that would help me out? Thank you! :)

  6. Anyone have a good idea for a wedding reception centerpiece that is both inexpensive and unusual?

    I am having a semi-formal wedding at the end of June. The reception hall has darkish sage colors. The tablecloths are white. I am wearing a light gold wedding dress and carrying calla lillies. I would like to incorporate the color ivory into the centerpiece. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I have 25 tables to decorate, and would like to do so for under $4/table. Thanks!!!

  7. Reception Decoration Ideas for a Garden Wedding?

    I need help thinking of ideas for centerpieces, decor, favors, etc. for my reception. The reception is going to be held in a garden and we're serving an afternoon tea. My colors are red, ivory, and champagne and the theme is sort of Rustic/ Vintage/ Garden-y. I'd like some simple and elegant decorations. Any ideas? Pictures would also be appreciated.

  1. What new objects for sims 2 seasons?

    I was just wondering what new objects & clothing there is for sims 2 seasons? thanks

  2. Fall wedding venues in florida?

    My fiance and I want to keep our wedding date the same as that of our anniversary, which means a wedding in October in Central Florida. I really want to take advantage of the autumn theme and thus need a venue for the ceremony, preferably outdoors, that would have even a bit of fall foliage or would be rustic or antique-y enough to pull off fall decor. Help?

  3. what are the most romantic getaways in so.ca?

    secluded, charm, quiet, cozy, rustic, decor.

  4. Tuscan decorating?

    I would like to do my screenhouse Tuscan style..any suggestions??colors..accessories..etc.

  5. Party Plan: Home decor party plan that sells country/rustic home decor?

    Looking for a company that sells country/rustic home decor it's not Home and garden, southern living at home or home interiors. please help !

  6. Help me find my way out of the Decor Maze?

    2 years I noticed a decor shop. This small incident started me on a roller coaster ride that has ended up in major expense & confusion. I had loved the bold warmth & expressive colour of red & so bought items with textures. I had never been cushion or throws person until till then. With a large home of 80% orange brown slate (ugh who's idea was that?) felt the need to fill it in and warm up its empty echoing hallways and stair cases. Nearly 2 years later a host of colours & styles down the drain im still in confusion & no closer to my goal. In world of decor options I am like "kid in a candy shop" but ended up being a glutton who is sick of the sweets on offer. Leaving behind my beloved sunny yellows, antique creams & burples for a neutral oatmeal couch I tried various cushions and throws to brighten it even recovering arm chairs and dining chairs... but at the end I can never manage to pull it all together, something is always wrong. I've tried birch (love it) and lighter timbers but my partner who loves dark wood which I hate with a passion but because I seemed to flounder at the closing stage of every decor effort and it ends in trial, we end up with his "solid, practical, something" that can be passed from generation to generation....!!! blah blah blah My fave arm chair (comfort factor) is oatmeal and I would love to cover that in something beautiful and not make another mistake. Tried: leopard skin throws, reds, burnt oranges, corals and teals, taupe's (yuk!!) peach and pecan colours, cream and roses and at present have been through more than ten decor styles.... I know it's insane...why do you think I'm here???!!. My daughter showed me how to do this!! I have a collection of modern vases ...some more rustic than others... they form a backdrop in my large window (that honestly begs for a large c& urns I love that fill my sunny bay window that begs a large window seat covered in some bright pattern and a host of cushions oh but the cushions always get me into trouble, how do designers throw all these differing ones together with ease? I have 6 children 25 thru to 7, a home ed family with a home that is a hub all day long and long into the evening. (this means I can't decorate like some glamour hotel)Right now? we look out over a sea of differing brown shades! My obvious problem is I can't decide on one colour. Have never had a plain sofa; always had florals. I can't seem to digest stark contrastsbut am drawn to them. Mother owned her parents furniture so it was all antique.Roses bloomed on tapestry couches, cream and green original buffets, stained glass, big heavy dark bureaus and buffets in the living areas~but roses and cream were abundant even in the garden. Pinks, toile reds, sunny yellows, tapestry, thick cotton throws & original patchworks from her Mother... you get the picture! In trying to be modern and avoid a Granny's paradise I fall back on what I knew but now I can't find a niche anywhere. I have an old suite upstairs that has large cream loose cushions with pastel florals thrown in scatter cushions here and there. My partner found it too uncomfortable (he would love a dozen leather ugly recliners) this one, he said, had too many cushions and was uncomfortable (meaning it didn't recline) so it's now for sale and yes, you guessed it we have another lounge suite downstairs...I think perhaps sometimes, his boring plain brown tastes ( or the lack thereof) prevail. He feels rock solid and practical; passed down to another generation (if this generation can survive it) since the woodwork here is solid and enduring perhaps a good sander and a coat of paint... We have loads of windows with great views of nature out every window but no direct sunlight enters so we never have that warm ray of sunlight at any time of day...sigh! If someone can help me out of this dreary oatmeal and brown world and give me a solid direction please!