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Landscaping Ideas Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. Web sites for landscaping/shrubbery/plants?

    Hi All! My husband and I recently bought a house and have been working on remodeling the inside (kitchen, bathrooms etc). When the weather gets warmer we're hoping to be able to get outside and re-do the landscaping. Currently there are large (and overgrown) bushes on either side of our stairs that are an eye sore and need to be replaced. I was wondering if anyone knows any good web sites that show landscape design ideas, pictures of different types of shrubbery or plants and ideas for mulch or edging stones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  2. Looking for a landscaping software that will allow me to insert a photo of my house.?

    Use my house but their software to get landscape ideas.. Got any ideas? I hope to find one that is not animated but is more actual looking.

  3. What picture should I paint with watercolour?

    I have to paint a picture of pretty much anything, with watercolour. I have no idea what to paint though! i dont want to do a landscape because i always do that and want something new. however, i dont want anything too difficult such as lots of people and lots of buildings. Any ideas? pictures would be VERY helpful!! thankyouu

  4. I need ideas of what to paint on a branch about 18'' long, 4'' circumference?

    landscapes, random patterns of color, anything, i'm having artist block if you will. any ideas, pictures. or websites would be helpful. please and thanks!

  5. Ideas for expanding/additions to a ranch style house?

    My soon to be husband just inherited his childhood home. It is a very small ranch house. We have decided to invest the money we were going to use to purchase our own home ($120,000) into transforming the home. It sits on a beautiful lot with ponds, waterfalls and mature landscape. We would like to add two, two story addtions on each end. We have been looking for ideas and pictures of finished built on ranch homes and have come up empty. Does anyone have links or pictures of such a project completed? Your help is greatly appreciated.

  6. Where do I find really nice landscaping ideas for my front and backyard in south Texas?

    I live in South Texas and the weather is super hot. Ive picked up sereral magazines but I know every region is different with climate. I would like some ideas to boost curb appeal and I also would like to know whice plants would survive and look nice even with such hot weather. Any idea please...

  1. What r the best landscape ideas for around the front house?

    I just bought a house in Georgia that sits up on a hill. I want to do something with the front lawn. One area that I want to focus on is the shrubs around the perimeter of the house. I need to get some ideas so what is a good website to look at photos. I hear there are certain things you shouldn't do since it is close to the house and can cause termites, and other bugs to get into the house. I want to choose the right thing (rocks vs mulch, right type of plants, etc.)

  2. What are some good ideas for black and white photography?

    I'm taking a photography class and we develop black and white pictures from film cameras. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for different pictures though. We have to be diverse with our subjects, like some plants, animals, portraits, landscapes, etc. I live near the beach and I have a cat. Thanks for any contribution!

  3. I am looking for some landscaping ideas for my sandy pool area. Any advice?

    I have a large above ground pool in my back yard. The area is sandy. I'd like to add some plants - I have that part covered. I'm looking for some ideas to make the area look more visually pleasing. Any ideas would be appreciated - or good websites. Thank you!

  4. What are some ideas for taking photos in a small town?

    I live in a very small town. We have parks around but they are nothing special. What are some ideas for creative pictures?

  5. What are some ideas for wedding party pictures?

    My friend is getting married in January, and as her maid of honor, I've been asked to get ideas for the wedding party pictures to be held after the ceremony. Living in a suburban town and lacking an extravagant landscape, what are some ideas for a location for bridesmaids and groomsmen pictures? The wedding party members are all in their early to mid-twenties, so we're looking for a cute, rather silly approach to the photoshoot. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.