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Backyard Landscaping Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. I need some backyard landscaping designs?

    I need some backyard landscaping designs to get ideas for my own yard. Is there a website where I can find these? Or if you can send me the design or your backyard it would be appreciated. I live in arizona and have a fairly big backyard any ideas (ie. what plants, trees rocks, grass, stone walkways etc.) thanks

  2. What would be some great sites for backyard landscaping ideas?

    I have a smaller back yard but we have this Mound that goes up to the back brick wall and underneath the mound is all concrete so I can't dig into it. Its almost the full length of our backyard. Any thoughts as to what to do with it? It is concrete underneath but dirt on top.

  3. Need to camoflage a slope in my backyard, any landscaping ideas?

    Our backyard has a slope from the fence to about 6 feet out. It's about 4 feet difference. i need some ideas to camoflage the slope. There's not much that can be done as far as leveling without having to replace the entire fence.

  4. Anyone have any ideas on how to use seashells in backyard landscaping?

    We have a lot of them, and I'd like to use them in a display somehow, but have no idea where to begin. I searched the internet and found ideas for displaying one or a few shells, or displaying in jars, but no ideas for using them in the yard.

  5. Im having my baby shower in my backyard in april what should i do with the grass?

    the grass has lemons in it from my lemon tree an is mostly composte so what are some other landscaping ideas? i am on a budget so i need something reasonable. or should i start planting grass seeds now since i have a few months?

  6. Does any1 know landscaping ideas,patios,plants,anyweb sites with cool ideas? i dont know where to start?

    My backYard is plain..i want a fun & nice back yard 2 hang-out in..when the time is right..i need ur help people..thank-u 4 ur time

  7. What can I use to drain water beside my sidewalk.?

    Whenever it rains, my sidewalk (in the back of my house) is flooded with water. I have dug a trench along side the sidewalk and down the side of the garage (The backyard slopes) so that the water runs downhill. What can I do to make the trenches more than just dirt? Any edging or other landscaping ideas? Thanks

  1. Is there a simple landscaping solution to help our dog do his business in the backyard?

    We have a medium sized backyard with rock landscaping. Our Malti-poo refuses to do his business in the backyard. But, he will happily go when I take him to a local park. I've noticed he likes greenery (grass, shrubs, bushes, etc...). We don't have a watering system installed in the backyard, so switching to grass isn't really an option. Does anyone have any ideas that might help? Thanks in advance.

  2. i would like some ideas for landscaping my backyard in a up north feeling; like a log cabin landscaping theme

    give me some ideas for plants, trees, flowers, etc.... i would like to see more wildlife too. please, no immature answers; just mature, nice answers

  3. What sort of things could make a backyard more inviting and fun?

    We have a really big backyard and nothing to put in it. What sort of things would you guys suggest to make it more exciting and inviting? Thanks so much! :)

  4. Tropical Backyard Landscape?

    I live in Northern Ca (Sacramento Area) and I am planning a tropical themed backyard. It rarely gets below 30 degrees in the winter (maybe a little lower at night, but i can get those blankets to prevent the plant from freezing) and at its hottest point it gets up to 115 degrees in the summer. With that being said, which plants would do the best in my area? Ideas in flowers, ground cover, and any other suggestions or help would be great! Thanks in advance Are there any sites online where it shows which tropical plants survive in this area?

  5. Suggestions on how to build a trellis in my backyard?

    Im looking for websites that can give ideas or designs. It when done will be about 20x20 build it is a zig zag edge. Im just looking for help. Any ideas are very greatly appreciated.

  6. what should i do to grow my backyard out?

    i just bought a house and my back yard needs landscaping badly. it is barren with weeds. where do i begin? i think seeding is the way to go...laying turf is just too expensive. thanks.