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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Any ideas for landscaping a shaded slope in my front yard?

    I have tall oaks on the side of the street that keep the slope of my front yard in partial shade. It is a pain to mow on that slope. I need ideas on low maintenance landscaping of that shaded slope. What can I plant there to make it look nice. We are on a busy road so lots of people see our front yard.

  2. Need ideas for garden beds, planter boxes or whatever might look nice for my front yard.?

    I need some ideas for landscaping my front yard. The yard gets full sun,the soil is a poor draining clay and it gets a lot of wind. I have pics posted at http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w173/calista77/100_1036.jpg and http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w173/calista77/100_0639.jpg to give you a better idea as to what I have to work with. I'm looking for plants that will grow well in my type of soil and that thrive in Nova Scotia, preferrably perennials. The blue rock in picture #1 is necessary for drainage because we live on top of a hill. I really hate the look of the blue rock but nothing can really be done with it. There is a layer of contractor grade landscaping fabric underneath the rock to prevent weeds from cropping up. If anyone has any ideas to cammoflauge the rocks I'm all ears.

  3. Evergreen on front on small front yard - how can i landscape?

    my front yard is like 5 feet by 5 feet with a medium evergreen. i want to landscape but i'm not sure what to do - if i should have just grass or something else? any ideas?

  4. How do I landscape my front yard corner lot?

    I have a huge front yard. Its divided in half by my drive way. On one side is a large grassy corner with a stop sign and a speed limit sign in the tip of it. Its just too plain but I'm not sure how to landscape it. Please send me any links of pictures or explain your ideas. There are a lot of kids that walk the neighborhood and cut my corner so I can't do anything like a pond. Please send me any ideas!

  5. What is a good site to see landscaping ideas?

    I am looking for ideas for a sloping front yard. Does anyone know any good websites that show examples of what can be done on a sloping front yard.

  6. How best could one spend $200 to make changes in a "blah" looking yard/landscape to make it look better?

    My husband and I would like to make our yard and the area around our front porch look nicer, but neither of us know much at all about landscaping and need the advice of good "green thumbers." We would like to spend an upcoming weekend making simple improvements that make a big difference in the overall look, and want to see how much we could do with $200 as a budget. A little more info: we have a LOT of mulched areas with NO "ground cover" (I think that's what you call it) and so weeds can get out of control (there is no "edging" either). Any recommended plants that would look nice and be easy to maintain? Or can we somehow make grass there? Any good flowers that would be durable? Our front yard has a good amount of sun during the day. Any help and ideas about spending the $200 to make a NICE improvement are GREATLY appreciated! :o)

  7. Do you have a play yard for your kids in the 'front' yard?

    Our backyard is nothing but cement and pool, and during the summer that's ok, but we have no grass area back there. We converted our front yard from desert landscape to having grass, and it's a pretty large area. This is the only play area my son has. No fence around the yard either. When we go outside to play with him, we don't take our eyes off him because we don't want him to escape us and end up in the street. Anyway, we're thinking of getting a small swingset, or playset for him for the front yard. Does anyone have play areas for their kids in their front yard? My concerns would be someone stealing it, and or using it w/o permission. If you do have a playset in your front yard, what has been your experience with that in terms of other respecting your property etc.? And do you have a fenced in yard? I just need some advice on this and if this would be a good idea for us. Or if just going to the park would suffice?

  1. Where can I find front yard landscape/walk way ideas?

    I want to redo my front lawn and maybe build a walk way of some sort...where can i get ideas from?

  2. Is there a website where I can upload a picture of my house and get new ideas?

    I would like to do some landscaping in my front yard and also purchase a new front entry door. But before I make changes I would like to "see" what different ideas I can come up with. Unfortunately, I am not very creative so I'm afraid I might make some bad choices.

  3. what can I plant in my front yard to give it more curb appeal?

    I have a basic plain front yard,a cement walk way from the street straight to the cement porch I need an idea of something to plant to give it more curb appeal. I need to be $ wise so no more than $200.00 i do not live in an apartment... i live in Eastern New mexico also when the wind blows its pretty much on a daily basis ...when it blows hard it really blows hard

  4. Why do old houses in California have two palm trees in the front yard?

    After moving to southern California, I noticed that many of the older houses (1950's-1960's) have two palm trees in the front yards. Friends have told me this was very common back then, but nobody knows why it was done? Does anyone know why?

  5. Inexpensive Way to Landscape Front Yard to Sell House?

    I need to put our house on the market within the next 2 months. Most of our grass has died and we have crabgrass. Small front yard. One large tree. Bushes planted up against front of house that are dying/dead. Any ideas on a relatively inexpensive DIY way to improve the appearance of the yard in order to get it sold? I live in a southeastern state that gets a fair amount of rain and it's chilly/cold right now. Thanks in advance!

  6. what is the best way to make a front yard appealing?

    our front yard is a "large" small - we have a tree and some shrubs. I hate the shrubs and the front of the house is kind of a turn off because our livingroom is in the back - which means that the front is a closed garage door and not really anything to look at other than the tree and shrubs. Is there a cheap way to faux out the front to make it look inviting? Or at least - not talking about completely decking it out with thousands of dollars..

  7. How do I prep my yard for landscaping?

    I would like to completely renovate my backyard with grass, rocks, and new plants. Right now, all it is is patchy grass, tremendous weeds, and uneven ground. No sprinkler system, just a septic system cap in the center of the yard. I've seen yards in my neighborhood get worked on before, and I've seen where basically the whole top layer of the yard is just lifted away with all of the weeds and grass and everything. What is that called? And how can I get that done to my back yard (and possibly front yard) so I can begin renovating?