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Cheap Landscaping Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some cheap landscaping ideas for a humongous back yard?

    Currently it's a dirt lot with a lot of weeds on it. Bout 40ft by 80 ft. I want to do something cool, but I don't have a huge budget. Looking at 1000$ tops.

  2. My new concrete driveway is now higher than the yard. Any cheap landscaping ideas to make it look better?

    In some spots it's only 2", but in others it's 4" higher than the yard. The driveway is 200' long and has some curves in it.

  3. I need a link where I can send pictures of my yard,get a cheap landscape designer, I would do the work myself.

    what I need is someone to tell me if what have done is ok, and maybe more ideas.

  4. How to hire a professional landscape designer at affordable price?

    I am planning to plant some landscape (trees, shrubs, walk pad, etc) but eventually, I want to extend my patio, build a cook area, french-drain, irrigation system. What is the best way to obtain a professional landscape/hardscape design at affordable price?

  5. What are some inexpensive ideas for sprucing up a landscape?

    I live in northeast Texas and am searching for some cheap ideas on developing a better landscape for my yard. Besides purple sage and lantana, can anyone suggest any flowers/plants that are really heat tolerant and drought resistant that look nice? Thanks.

  6. I want to start a greenhouse/landscaping business in South Carolina?

    I have 20 acres of land, but no money and no credit to build a greenhouse. Any ideas for either raising start up money or finding a partner?

  7. What is the most effective way to charge for Lawn & Landscape services?

    I just recently started my own business and I am having a hard time with charging the right amount for different services...does anybody have any ideas, or web sites I can go to that might help? Thank you!

  8. what are some unique family friendly inexpensive vacation ideas?

    im looking for something different, but that will have something to do for everyone. it needs to be cheap, so please keep it in the u.s.! i live in missouri, so the closer the better (nothing like ny or all the way up to oregon..those are a little to far) i love the beach but want a new experience. thanks!

  1. Any tips on landscaping around house foundation to keep dogs from digging?

    Our dogs keep digging around the foundation of our home, and we're afraid we are going to end up with a wet basement if they don't stop! I was thinking about some type of rock or somethign to put along the house foundation...any ideas?

  2. Looking for a good digital rangefinder for a relatively cheap price?

    Looking for a small and quality camera with full manual controls and maybe interchangeable lenses akin to the Leica M9 or the Fuji X100 for day to day use and to take street photography without freaking out people on the street with my (relatively) gigantic DSLR. I want to spend £300 maybe £400 tops, willing to buy from Ebay to cut-down on price. Any ideas? Thanks!

  3. Cheapest way to get rid of garden weeds?

    I have an area in the middle of my drive way that is soil with small stones in. I constantly get weeds in here and no matter what commerical product I try they rapidly grow back. Does anyone have an idea of how to get rid of them in the longer term, cheaply? I cannot change the driveway as I am renting. I have tried boiling water and bleach. any other ideas please

  4. What renovations can you do to fix up a home?

    Just wondering if any one has any ideas on different renovations you can do to make your house look better. I have a split entry house that is about 20 years old. It is surrounded by older homes, that make the street look sketchy. However, I want to add some new things to my house to make it look somewhat better. Any suggestions?

  5. Anyone got any decorating ideas for my trailer?

    I got a trailer, and I need some ideas.... interior, exterior, landscaping, ANYTHING!! plz help!! huh?!?!?! camping trailer?? no! a house trailer.... mobile home!

  6. What countries do you know that have amazing scenery and cultures, that are relatively cheap to travel to?

    Sorry, the question is a little unclear. But my Mum and I try to go on a holiday each year, but we're kind of stuck for ideas now. We live in Australia but we've been to many of the surrounding places, I was just wondering if anyone could give their opinion on a country with amazing cultures, landscapes etc. Preferably not somewhere too expensive .. but if the place is worth the money, please let me know. Thankyou all in advance

  7. Where is a really beautiful spot in utah to hold an outdoor wedding?

    I'm getting married October 2, 2010 and I need some ideas on a place in Utah that would be a good area to hold an outdoor wedding. I've looked at a few places but I wanted to know if anyone else had any ideas?

  8. What is a good digital camera that is cheap, takes pictures, and has video and audio?

    I need a digital Camera by the 17th, and I have a budget of $100. Any ideas??