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Free Landscaping Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Are there any interior design programs where students can do projects in your home for free?

    I just bought a new house that's BARE! I need help decorating it, but I don't have a creative bone in my body? I love asian, contemporary, modern styles! Does anyone know of any interior design programs that utilizes actual rooms for class projects? Plus I'm broke now that I bought a new house. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! I also need landscaping ideas!!! I live in Temecula, California by the way.

  2. Looking for free online landscaping design website?

    Can anyone recommend a website that I can use to design my own landscaping ideas? I'm looking for something free and if possible, something I don't have to download. Just looking for a website where I can try some things to see how they look. I'm not creative enough to just look at my lawn & see in my mind what it will look like. :( HELP!

  3. I am looking for a design website/tool to design a garden and landscape before I actaully plant them? Ideas?

    I am looking for a way to help see my landscaping and gardening come together before I start planting and landscaping. Any ideas of websites or tools that let you put in a design of your house and fencing and start from there?

  4. Where is the best place to find landscaping ideas?

    I have an all dirt back yard and have little to non existent imagination....where might i be able to find ideas for some kind of set up for my back yard? I really don't want someone to come to my house and try and sell me anything until i have an idea.

  5. I'm looking for a free computer program that can generate realistic landscapes. Any ideas?

    I'm designing a small island with a house and a boardwalk on it and i want to create a computer generated image of my idea. I want it to look realistic and do this for free. Anyone know a good program to try?

  6. How does one get rid of ant colonies in my landscaping without hurting my daylillies?

    I just recently found colonies of ants in my landscaping area where i was planning on putting daylillies. I dont know if its safe to put them there or not now. And can i safely use anything on them that wont hurt my flowers or plants. Please help!!!!

  1. Do you know of any free landscaping software?

    I am planning to re-do my back yard and would like ideas, however I'm on a tight budget and looking for free assistance in planning, etc.! any ideas?

  2. Any ideas on fast growing shrubbery for South Carolina?

    I live in Aiken, SC and I want some flowering shrubs to plant in front of my house. Unfortunately, I need something that thrives in full sun (shade only comes about 3pm). Anyone have any ideas?

  3. Do landfill companies actually excavate ponds for landowners for free in exchange for the soil?

    I am planning to put a 3 acre fishing pond on my land and I have heard that landfill companies will excavate the pond for free so they can use the soil for a landfill. Is this true? I also heard the same about big landscaping firms but have no idea if it is true. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I am "finally" moving into my first home and would love to put in a pond to stock and to attract water fowl.

  4. Have any cost free ideas for keeping my kids entertained?

    I have a 7 year old and a 19 month old. I'm out of ideas of things to do that would entertain both children, get us out of the house, and would be cost free.

  5. How can I dispose of landscaping rocks?

    I live in Dallas. Next to my driveway I have 4 ft x 18 ft x 3 in of rocks that were white and decorative back in 1982. Now I'd like to get rid of all of these rocks and do something else with the area, but i'm at a loss. How can I get rid of all of these rocks without putting 30 lbs in my trash can every trash day? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Any ideas for starting a college environmental group?

    I am a professional working in a university residence hall and I have just been awarded a grant that will help me start a new student group in the residence halls whose mission will be to promote sustainability and educate other students. I already have some ideas about what they will do, but I'm looking for suggestions on activities and subjects I can work with them on. I'm looking for any and all suggestions of activities I can do with these students to make them good environmental leaders and to keep them and other students excited about the environment.