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Desert Landscaping Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What can I do with my diesel contaminated soil?

    I recently found out that the previous owner of my home had poured diesel feul over sections of my land. Now there are large barren patches of dirt, and I'm not sure how to deal with it. I know that the diesel was poured within the last 3-4 yrs, but I don't know how much was used. I know that I can use other landscaping ideas, but I want to grow plants in this soil and nothing seems to take. I live in El Cajon, California so there is also a desert climate to think of. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do with the soil or landscaping?

  2. Tuscan-style landscaping ideas for Southwest?

    I hear a lot of references in Arizona to "Tuscan style" landscaping and like the idea. By this I mean clusters of colorful cacti, bushes and trees with a small fountain and rock benches, as opposed to plants being sparsely placed like you so often see with desert homes. Having trouble finding websites with examples of this, or any books dealing with the subject. Am I using the wrong term? No, it's not Tucson, it's Tuscan, as in arid Italian-style landscaping. I've found a few references to it, just not pictures.

  3. Killing and Controlling Weeds for "Desert Landscaping"?

    I live in Arizona and have "desert landscaping" - that is, no grass just small rocks in my yard. I'm wondering what the best way is to manage the grasses and weeds that come up through the rocks. This happens all year long but more often in the winter (now) and less often in the summer months. I've tried some weed killers which have been so-so - I spend a lot of time spraying but not all get killed. Should I just pull them out by hand? :-( Thanks!!!

  4. Above ground pool on desert rock landscape? how do you do this without ruining the bottom of pool?

    I am thinking of getting about a 300-400 dollar above ground pool. We live in the desert so we dont have grass. We have gravel, like landscaping gravel. I thought an old comforter then a tarp but what are someother ideas?

  5. What are some gift ideas that would represent Texas?

    Okay, so I'm going to stay with a family in Spain this summer and I want to get my house family a gift. But I want it to be unique to where I'm from..Texas! But I dont have many ideas. Just some simple little gifts I can get them that gives them a taste of where I'm from.

  6. How much would landscaping a backyard in Arizona cost?

    I am considering purchasing a house in a desert area. Currently, the yard (about 1,000 square feet) has sage brush, canadian thistle, and sand. How much would it cost to remove the nasty stuff and make it suitable for kids and dogs? I am thinking of shrubs, mulch, and a section of grass. Any ballpark idea of what type of cost I should expect?

  7. What are some activities to do on my honeymoon in Phoenix?

    We are taking a very belated honeymoon to Phoenix and want to make the trip very romantic. Any ideas for activities, where to stay, what to do, etc?

  1. How to take care of your new Landscaping BOOKLET?

    I am looking for a book to purchase from a company that has information for customers that have installed new landscaping. We had a book similar in our office but never got the change to order it and now It is lost. Any Idea's?

  2. what's the best plants to put around the pool that matches the extreme heat here in AZ?

    I would like to do a little landscape but I have no idea what plants and rocks to pick. Please help and thank you.

  3. What are some good topics/activities to do on a project on Biodiversity ?

    i need some activities and topics to do a practical + presentation type of work to do for a 5 month long project ? what do i do ? its like a competition and i need ideas , I've made a shark out of plastic bottles, some power point presentations but seems like i am supposed to do more , some extra ordinary things to.. please help me .

  4. description of the key physical and human features of a desert?

    im doing an assignment for geography and im stumped on that question. does anyone have any idea how to help.

  5. What are some good places to go for a vacation?

    My family and i want to go on a nice vacation. We are stuck on alot of places and we just cant decide on a place. We can go to theme parks or campin or anywhere. I dont think we have a budget because this is one of the vacations that we've been planning for a long time. We dont have little kids in our family so any place would do. Please any ideas are appreciated. Thanks

  6. What are the best cities to visit in East USA?

    We are planning to visit Boston for a few days in end of July, then we are thinking where to go for a week in east USA after visit Boston? Would anyone have any good idea on where to go?