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Landscaping Ideas For Small Yards Questions Answered!

  1. How could I decorate or landscape around the tree without harming it?

    I have a very large tree in my back yard and have roots above ground that take up even more space in my small yard. I've read that I need to be very careful about not damaging the roots. I would like to try and hide the roots but I don't know how to do that without damaging the tree. How could I decorate or landscape around the tree without harming it?

  2. What are some easy ways to do dry landscaping?

    I have a small back yard/patio and right now it's overgrown with weeds. I'd like to tear is all out and have something that looks nice. Any ideas to dry landscape it since I'd rather not have grass (no sprinkler)

  3. Are fresh, untreated wood chips good (and safe) to use for landscaping?

    A neighbor had some cedar and other evergreen trees removed from his yard. The tree company that did the job had lots of wood chips when they were done. The foreman offered me a small truckload of them for landscaping purposes. Of course there is a relatively small percentage of bark mixed with the wood chips, and of course a lot of small branches and pine needles. My question: Is it a good idea to use these wood chips for landscaping, to cover our flower beds, like you would use store-bought beauty bark? Or would it possibly cause problems due to rotting, or be a magnet for termites and other nasty little critters? And if those things aren't problems, do you think it would make a good ground-cover? Can you think of any other uses for it? Any advice before I pay to have it hauled away would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Ideas for small tree/shrub replacement for Hinoki Cypress?

    We had new landscape plans done where our designer reused 2 existing hinoki cypress trees. I really don't like how they look, and would like a nice, small, interesting/unique tree or shrub to use instead. I'm looking for something that would fit nicely in a urban/northwest type of yard - not your typical manicured suburban yard type of plant. ideas?

  1. How can a teenager start a landscaping business?

    My friend and I thought of an idea of making a landscaping business. I am 18 and he is 17 and we are in high school. We are both good at yard work and would really enjoy this. I was thinking about $25 per lawn. Will people trust and hire teenagers to do their lawns. I know we will do a good job, but they don't. Will they be willing to give us a shot? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! We have two push mowers.

  2. How much does it cost for landscaping back yard with french drains, couple of cement pads, sitting wall ?

    I am moving to new house and there is a drainage problem. The back yard needs to have drains put underground taking the water from back and side yards to front in street. Also want to pur a 3' x 12' pade along the back side of the house for BBQ and stuff then put runners along the sides of the house up to driveway only 5' wide so we dont trip because of the "V" ditch they put. Also we were thinking about a setting wall. We have a small buget (we just had the house built) and need to get it all done before our daughters 1st bithday the end of april.

  3. What is the best way to build a lawn business?

    What is the best approach in starting a lawn business? I was thinking about passing out flyers and offering to cut yards starting at $25 when the competitor usually charges $35 or more. Should I offer the lower bid or do you think the demand is high enough that I can offer the same price as the competitor? Also, do flyers really work or would it be a waste of my time to pass them out? Is there any catch sales advice you can offer like the first cuts free with paid bush hedging?

  4. How do I get my small dogs to stop digging under the backyard fence and running away??

    I have a very large backyard with a 6 foot wooden privacy fence. My 2 small beagle mixes keep finding areas under the fence to dig under. They keep getting out of my yard. I can't put anything to line the whole fence so they can'y get under then fence: it's too large. I can only patch the holes they've already made!!! Please help me with ideas.....