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English Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How damaging is English Ivy to trees?

    It appears that ivy type plants are, indeed, benefiting from the increased CO2 levels accompanying global warming. We moved into a neighborhood and all the trees have English Ivy over them. I cut some of it at the base but the rest is taking a long time to die and I am wondering if it can live on the tree itself. Where the base has been attacked, it appears to be rotting away. It looks to me like this stuff has to be destroyed or we will lose all of our trees. Any ideas?

  2. How can I stop my dog digging up the garden?

    We have two English Springer spaniels, both aged about 16 months, a dog and a girl. They both like to dig up plants and half eat them. We've done the usual, shouting at them etc. and trying to show them we are displeased. They don't seem to remember and do the same the next day! Any ideas how we can get them out of this habit?

  3. The Cost of H2O in our area is exorbitant! How can I learn about some kind of eco-friendly landscaping?

    Our back yard is large and filled with wonderful plants, bonsi's and shrubs that were planted by my partners' father, who was the original homeowner. He was a master gardener. You can see the backyard at www.tomvoorhies.com. I want to build catch basins that use rainwater and gravity to make water features and a sprinking system. Does anyone know where I can turn to learn about environmentally sound and ecologically balanced landscaping. I live in the southeastern part of the US.

  4. What's a job that can keep me on the move and never chained behind a computer desk?

    Also, what do you think of my English?

  5. Would you like proper public transport and childcare and decent jobs and healthcare and affordable housing ?

    Would this help you ? In Switzerland you will find: Public transport to every village. Affordable childcare Decent jobs paying you a minimum of 10 pounds an hour Great health care and dental services Housing for under 50k for a DETACHED house Great happy smiling people (who can speak English). And taxation is 19% on income no capital gains. AND YOU ARE WELCOME ! Why not demand in your country that you have these things and that the government do a MUCH better job ?

  6. Why do we drive on a parkway and park in our driveway?

    This question, although taken to be humerous, has a very serious answer. Do you know what it is?

  7. What are some must-see locations in New Zealand?

    A friend is taking a trip to New Zealand soon and I thought I would ask here in case anyone has some cool ideas about things to see there. Feel free to comment on hiking areas, urban areas, restaurants, just whatever. If you put something down, let me know why it's cool! Thanks.

  1. I am doing a course for gardendesigner , I have just started but I need to know what a Aha garden looks like?

    I need some more information about aha gardens , I know these were gardens designed to make the garden look wider and ?bigger but I can''t find a specific photo or picture as an example , who can help me ??

  2. Where can I find a day laborer south of Houston?

    Clear Lake area. Need help with bush removal from suburban garden.

  3. Vacation - need ideas of fun things to do in Vancouver , Canada?

    HI All: I need Ideas of where to go in Vancouver Canada. Like what's there to do..... I'm planning to go there with my girlfriend for her birthday in October and a couple of other friends. We want to have a lot of fun. Any ideas of gay bars/ clubs. Ideas on: What to visit What's historical What's a must see/go Where to have breakfast/lunch / dinner What's a must eat We are only going for about 4 days....... I need help in planning this........ Thank you very much! Evey

  4. Landscaping Resources?

    Looking for some good websites that provide info about landscaping. Trying to determine what types of plants grow best in certain areas and what kind of options their are instead of having a lawn. If you know of any really good sites please please let me know. I'm very new to all this landscaping/yard maintenance stuff. Thanks!

  5. Why do we park in driveways but we drive on parkways?

    I've wondered about this one.

  6. Is there a good website for landscaping ideas?

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