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Shade Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Anybody know of some good Tropical or Tropical-like plants that will grow well in California?

    I am landscaping my Mother-in-laws yard and she wants a tropical design. I am not having much luck finding variations that will stay alive through the winter. She is not interested in pulling them up and bringing them inside for the winter. I am settling for some more marshy and deserty looking plants to help supliment. But it's still not Tropically enought. Can't plant trees either, so don't suggest that. Thanks! I live in the central valley...Stanislaus County.

  2. What type of plants or trees can last all year long through all types of weather?

    I need landscaping suggestions! I just bought a new house, but the only tree's i have are 2-3 big HUGE oak trees. I wanted something I can plant around the house and create a garden. I looked around my neighborhood for ideas, but it doesnt seem anyone has anything creative or eye catching besides the same stuff I have; Dirt. Any ideas? I don't know much, but I can follow directions. I live in a place where we get all 4 seasons; Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall.

  3. How do you think we can increase the environmental efficiency of Americas fastest growing community type?

    In America, suburban sprawl is occuring at a rapid pace. While high density urban living and low density rural living are intrinsically more ecologically friendly, suburban life poses a whole new set of issues to deal with. What ideas do you have to "green up" the suburbs?

  4. How much should i water my baby sequoia?

    I recently purchased a 2 year old sequoia tree, and i have no idea how much to water it a day.

  5. What are good native perennials to Indiana?

    I am redoing my back garden and want the majority to be native perennials. so far all i have are some purple cone flower aka echinacea. I have a redbud planted in the garden also which shades about half of it. Any recommended plants?

  1. How do I make very large gardens more managable?

    I have huge gardens outside my house and it takes forever to keep on top of them in the summer. I'm not lazy and like to keep busy but I have half an acre of garden and the previous owner here obviously liked to grow things because half of it is dug up and the other half is grass. I want to have it looking good but not take me all day to do. As an extra nuisance I have hedge all the way around the boundary so that gives you an idea of how much I have to keep on top of. Thanks for your help.

  2. How to you plant a Texas Red Bud Tree from seeds?

    I have no idea how to plant them.. Is it one seed per tree?And do you have to anything to the seeds before you plant them? Can someone help me as I want to plant them this week end.

  3. Is it a bad idea to but wild canna lilies in my back yard with container vegetable garden?

    The canna's are growing wild in the back of my fence not to far from my container garden .I dug some of the canna's up ,and put around my yard for some landscaping .I need to know if i should all together get rid of all the canna's for my vegetable container garden's sake thanks .

  4. can someone pls help me on my garden?

    well, i plan to put a garden, landscape or deck, anythig that would make our backyard a nice place to pass time, we have a small lot, 21 x 21 meters. i'd give 100 sq. meters of it for the garden or deck, or anything great to be put on it and its perimeter, i dont like walls and just putting bushes around our lot. please help me, thanks. hope i could see some pictures and ideas and some plans would surely boost my imagination. thank you (o;