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Small Garden Landscape Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. How do I begin a new veg/heb garden in an already estabished gardening bed?

    I just bought a house with great gardening beds. The only issue is I'm new to gardening and would like to get rid all the plants currently growing there to add new ones. I'd like to pot the rosemary instead of having it on the bed because it seems so invasive. The tomato plants seem to be done for the season. Do I pull them? There are also strawberries, thyme, and others I have no idea what they are.

  2. How can I grow a fall garden?

    What types of plants/flowers can I grow in Western WA in the fall? Now that it's cold everything has died and I miss my pretty flowers! I'm new to gardening but I really want to learn and would love to have "something" growing year round.

  3. What are the best plants for a picture window?

    My house has a large picture window, with 2 smaller ones on each side. I want to know what trees, plants, shrubs, or privacy trees can be used to put in front of these to help cut out the western glare of the sun, and to add privacy. My yard is smaller, and would like something that does not get any taller then 20 feet and 5 feet wide. I like green, white, red, but no blues, purples, or yellows. My zone is 5. I am not looking for a landscaping project, Just something to put in front of the windows..

  4. Where can I find examples of landscape lighting ideas?

    I'm no pro but I'd like to see a few pictures on small landscaping projects that incorporate low voltage lighting. Any websites or books?

  5. What are some good parks in the Kansas City area for pictures?

    I'm doing my sister's senior pics and moved here not long ago. What are some pretty parks in the area? What about parks with nice landscaping done? Any suggestions are welcome- any parks or even other locations with nice scenery.

  1. What are these white garlic looking things in the dirt?

    My wife and I are new to gardening and while digging in our yard today we kept finding these white mini-onion or garlic looking things in the ground. Most of them are little ball shaped white objects that are somewhat hard but not rock solid. (you can cut into them) They are odorless for the most part. What is it?

  2. How do you make a foutain out of terra cotta pots and a fountain pump?

    Do you have an inexpensive way to make a fountain? Pictures would be nice. I don't want to spend a lot of money but I already have pots, a place to plug it in, and a small pump. Thanks.

  3. Got any low maintenance yard suggestions?

    I have 3 flower beds in my front yard. 2 are against the house and 1 is along the side of the yard bordering the neighbors yard (no fence). I want to plant some bushes, shrubs, flowers or even small trees that will look nice, choke out the weeds, add some color and be easy to maintain. I also don't want to spend a lot of money. I have automatic sprinklers so watering isn't an issue. I live in Northern Utah. If you could suggest a good website or link to a picture that would be great. I appreciate any suggestions.

  4. What's the cheapest way to lay a small patio and how do you do it?

    We live in Florida where our yard is full of dark sand. How would I be able to lay a patio on this?