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Small Garden Landscape Design Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone know of an online landscape design tool that's free?

    I would like to plan out my backyard so I am less likely to mess things up! Does anyone know of an online landscape design tool that's free? (Not the BHG garden design tool, it lets you design a small garden but I'm looking for something that would let me design my whole backyard.) If I could upload a photo of my own yard to use for the planning that would be a plus! Thanks!

  2. I need to design the landscape of a small back yard. Any tips?

    I see a lot of books on designing large gardens, but we live in California and have a very small back yard that we'd like to liven up (right now it's just mulch). Is it worth hiring a contractor? Is there good landscape design software we could use to help do it on our own?

  3. What tools do I need to know to start a landscape and gardening design business?

    Years ago I worked in a amateur way in gardening maintenance. I realice that I liked it a lot but I don't have the specific knoledge and experience to start a landscape and gardening design business. I have the feeling that I have the creativity for doing this but of course this is not all. Could someone help me telling me the kind of tools that I would require to start this gradually? Maybe I would requiere to know some landscape design software, etc. In short, what kind of tools would be necesary to have and learn. Maybe the thing would be more complex like doing an Business plan? I'll thank any advice. Chris

  4. Best way to separate dirt from decorative rocks?

    This is in a small landscaping rock garden. The small rocks are on a 15' long & 2' wide galvanized sheet metal channel designed to direct water quickly to a front yard storm drain (or else our basement would flood). I'll need to remove the rocks & grit by hand but it's a small job. Grit from the driveway and dirt has caused the channel to fill up. What's the best way to separate the grit/dirt from the rocks? What can I use that would function in effect as a colander? Thanks.

  5. How do I find free to low cost landscaping in the Rochester, NY area?

    I am a home owner and need to have my back yard leveled out and new grass put in. I'm a single mom with a small budget and nothing close to a green thumb. Help!

  6. What is the easiest way to dig up dirt for a water garden?

    I have been digging a hole in my yard for a water garden that I am going to construct, but the soil is rock hard and in-organic and because of the hole's location in between two huge trees there are thousands of roots from small grass roots to huge 6" thick or bigger roots from the trees. I've been using a hoe to loosen the dirt for shoveling and to cut the roots, but it's becoming an extreme physically enduring project. Are there any other low-budget methods to get a hole dug? Remember, I need to dig a hole to match my measurements and designs for a water garden, not just a big hole. Note: A water garden, in my case, is a small man-made pond with fish, aquatic plants, frogs, etc.

  7. How do I build a Japanese rock garden?

    I am referring to the ones where people use the rakes to create ripple designs that encircle larger rocks, and create ripple designs at the edges of the garden. I need to know the following things: How does one go about building such a garden? Are special permits from the local government required to create one? What materials are needed to build such a garden? If it takes up an entire backyard, how much would the cost be estimated at?

  1. how much it costs to landscape a small garden?

    i have a small garden and i want to get it landscaped by a designer or contracter which ever is cheaper. and i want my garden to be low maintainence type.

  2. How do you start an English garden?

    After having been to a few countries I have to say English gardens are one of my favorites but I'm not exactly sure how to put one together myself? What flowers, lay out and technique are used?

  3. How can I encourage birds and other animals to my yard?

    When I was very young, there was a beautiful blue jay nesting in a small bush. It had a lovely nest and laid 3 perfect eggs. Me and my sister, plus my grandma, would walk to the bush every day and check on the eggs. They hatched wonderfully and we watched them every day grow up, it was so beautiful! Sadly, the mother abandoned the nest. Now 7 years later the nest is still abandoned and has deteriorated, still no little birdies. How can I encourage new birds to come to my yard (but not use that old nest?) It is still extremely cold where I live (plus several feet of snow), but a few days ago I saw some beautiful finches on a tree. I left some soft yarn outside if they were making a nest, but it hasn't been touched, and the small breadcrumbs are still there too. Is it just the wrong season? What can I do to encourage animals and birds to my yard? I live in the midwest by the way. And do I HAVE to buy a bird feeder? Or can I use seeds or bread?

  4. I want to know how to start a garden for the first time?

    I am home in the summers and would like to try my hand at gardening. I have never had one. I am wondering when and how to start one.

  5. How can I garden on rocky ground?

    I'm looking for options on how to garden and landscape my property. My land is very rocky and has a slight slope to it. When I say rocky, I'm talking lots and lots of exposed boulders. I built a raised bed last year and it worked very well for me, but I haven't found a cost effective way to build raised beds. What I'm looking for the most cost effective way to build raised beds, and also options for landscaping other rocky areas of my property.

  6. How do I start a garden?

    I'm going to start a garden soon.. what are tips to having a successful one?