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Free Rock Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. how can I make a feng shui zen rock garden for cheap?

    how can I make a feng shui zen rock garden for cheap? Its the one with the white sand, rake,and rocks. I really want one for my desk at work because I heard it is a great relaxer and helps for a stress free enviroment. I just do not want to pay the 30.00 for something like this. have any idea's on how too make it for cheap?

  2. Feng shui in the vegetable garden?

    I am plnning my vegetable garden for this year and would like to incorporate some feng shui into it. I am going to have a bird bath in the middle of the garden. Any other ideas? I don't have much knowledge of feng shui and have had a hard time finding information regarding a veggie garden online. Any help or point in the right direction would be appreciated!

  3. What is there to do in NYC during the holidays?

    I'm visiting NYC for the first time over the holidays. The week of 12/26-01/02. Can anyone offer any ideas of things to do and places not to be missed during my visit as I will also be spending New Years there?

  4. Does anyone have any unique ideas for landscape edging or borders?

    We are in the process of renovating our flower beds and looking for something that isn't typically thought of as a landscape edge. We want something that is inexpensive and readily available. Does anyone have an unusual or unique idea?

  5. What song ideas for Kiss me Kate audition?

    I am Auditioning for my schools production of Kiss Me Kate. For the audition we are supposed to sing 16 bars of a song either the composer Cole Porter or another contemporary composer. I am not exactly sure what song i should do and i would really appreciate it if people would give me some ideas. I am a soprano (1 if that matters to anyone) if that helps Thanks in advance i appreciate it a lot!

  6. how do i keep my cats from going in my neighbours garden?

    my neighbours on both side of me are complaining about my 2 cats going in there gardens and fouling! they have gone into the pots with plants in and scrapped the soil all over, peed on plants and generally making a nuisance of themselves!... im at my wits end with this problem, i dont think its fair to keep them indoors all the time! anyone got any advice on anything i could buy my neighbours for them to put in there gardens to detter them would be well accepted?

  7. What is the best way to spruce up the outside of a house?

    I know spring is a little ways away but I have landscaping on my mind. Any shrubs or flowers that you would recommend that you think look good? Its kind of bare around here. And I want to spruce it up. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated

  8. What song should I sing if I'm auditioning for the part of mayzie in seaussical?

    I'm auditioning for the part of mayzie in seaussical. And I have no idea what to sing. I know she has attitude and sings jazz songs. Btw I want a broadway/disney song please.

  1. What are some good soprano song for musical theatre?

    I'm working on auditioning for the Musical Theatre program at the college, so I need some more song ideas. I need to have 1 up-tempo and/or comedic song and 1 slow song/ballad. I'm here to see if you guys have any better ideas than I do.

  2. What are some songs I could sing at my school talent show?

    What are some songs I could sing at my school talent show? I have a pretty decent and strong voice so I can sings songs such as "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston. Yu could also think of it like this, What songs would you want to hear at a show? I need more ideas, so list as many as you possibly can. Please help! Thank you!

  3. Is it possible to spend about $60 a month on Groceries?

    Hello, I've been spending way too much on fast food and start eating at home. I want to spend no more than $60 a month and I want it to include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please any ideas,menus,recipes,sites, etc will be much appreciated.

  4. How can i make my bedroom like a spa?

    I already have a bedding set picked out : http://www2.jcpenney.com/jcp/ProductsHOM.aspx?DeptID=25436&CatID=36035&CatTyp=DEP&ItemTyp=C&GrpTyp=ENS&ItemID=12787e2&ProdSeq=10&Cat=bedding&Dep=Bed+++Bath&PCat=&PCatID=28942&RefPage=ProductList&Sale=&ProdCount=43&RecPtr=&ShowMenu=&TTYP=&ShopBy=0&RefPageName=CategoryAll%252Easpx&RefCatID=28942&RefDeptID=25436&Page=2&CmCatId=25436|37326|28942|36035 and using the same color walls as in the picture and I am not getting any new furniture any ideas on how to make it relaxing and i also have a benchseat by a window and a desk where i have my computer and do my homework. So i need a place to work and relax after working and i cant get a new desk. also anything you can show me that I can put in my closet to use for storage.

  5. What are some good uptempo numbers for auditions?

    I am in my 20s and I am a soprano. I need to find a good uptempo number to sing for an audition. The only ones I can think of are so over done and I want to do something that isn't generic. Any ideas or suggestions?

  6. I need a good broadway song to sing for a competition?

    I'm 14 years old, so it definately needs to be age appropriate, and I have to "portray" the character, dress up as the character, and all that jazz (sorry, had to say it). I'm a soprano though I can hit some low notes (not many though) and I have good lungs so I can hold a note. Any suggestions? And any costume ideas for the character too?

  7. When will the Sims 2 website be back up?

    This site has been down for a very long time, and it's getting pretty frustrating. Every day I check back to see it it's there, but obviously, it's not. Does anyone have any ideas when it will be back up? I really wanted to download some stuff, as I haven't used my Sims 2 game in forever.. I'm not interested in knowing about Sims 3, because I am not planning on purchasing it.