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Rock Garden Ideas Stone Questions Answered!

  1. Want to create a rock garden with a fountain - suggestions?

    I would like to cover my back yard with a rock garden or with some kind of stone, and also have a pond or fountain somewhere in the mix. Any ideas, websites, photos, suggestions? Thank you.

  2. What should I do with the big sand circle where my pool was?

    Got rid of the pool a few ago, now I am left with a big circle of sand in my backyard and am wondering what to do! I read that placing grass over the sand is so hard, so maybe I should put patio stones or maybe a rock type garden... Any thoughts?

  3. I am building a garden bridge. How can I lay rock veneer on the sides without them falling off when drying?

    The sides that are the arches, I want to lay rock veneer on it. Someone told me I can use Premium PL glue as it is very strong and I am not laying a lot of rock. Can I just seal the wood first then start to lay the rock?

  4. How do I lay a stone garden walkway properly?

    Some of the surface in my yard is uneven. What is the best way to make sure the stones are not wobbly or that they do not crack or break over time?

  5. Help with Japanese rock garden?

    I want to create a Japanese Rock garden in front of the house, the are is 30 feet by 7 feet. I just bought me a small lime rock got them delivered this morning. After laying them on the ground, what is your idea / recommendation to get the look? I have seen MANY photos, but I know it wont be like that unless you hire a professional or spend tons of money. WOULD YOU PUT A SOLAR LIGHTS like so popular in the US? Along the edge of the rock garden? or not?

  6. How can i create a Low cost, low maintenance garden, that looks nice?

    At the minute i have a little porch out the front and french doors leading out to the garden, which is fenced with a lowish fence, the gate is next to the little porch. Outside the porch and french doors there are small white stones but weeds have grown through them, the rest of the garden is dull looking grass! This is my new house and i want to change it from the previous owners. I also dislike the white stones. All ideas welcome

  1. What should I do to liven up my concrete yard?

    We have a modest concrete yard that's about 10' x 20' at the apartment we're renting. Our landlord is picky about damaging any other the property (he won't even let us paint our walls!), but I don't want that to compromise my bringing life to the rather dull yard. Right now, we have a sad, warped ping pong table, a couple planters with a couple plants, and a table and chairs. I was thinking about the possibility of turning it into a rock garden. Is that possible to do on concrete? Maybe add a path, and a fountain of some sort? I want a project that is both fun, and cost efficient. Also, I don't want it to upset the landlord! We won't be here forever, but I want to create something that can be proud of, that will withstand the slight Southern California seasons, and be able to enjoy in time for summer. My mother is an interior decorator, but wasn't able to give me much advice on what to do outdoors. Any ideas, links and opinions would be great! Thanks! Nomi

  2. Can Bristle Cone Pine grow in Ohio?

    I have tried to grow this pine in my rock garden and it was dead by the next spring. The drainage was great(No Clay)! I had a landscaper tell me to put a layer of stone or gravel under the plant, then plant it. I am thinking Slica Sand(Course) and mix it in the soil. What do you think? Does anyone have any Ideas?

  3. Where can I buy a large fiberglass board to simulate a rock face for a waterfall?

    I have a large area in which I wish to make a very large waterfall in my garden. I need to buy a large (roughly 12 foot wide x 6 foot high) fiberglass board that looks like rocks for me to use for the waterfall. Any suggestions where I can get this?

  4. My theme is geology and the children that im going to teach are 5years old?

    I'm short of ideas on how to make a great lesson plan on that. I know volcanoes can be one of it but they have already been taught that a year ago. I want to make it interesting, engaging and easy to understand. Please help!! I might have to do this for my exam.

  5. How to prepare your backyard for winter?

    I'm planning a complete overhaul of my very small backyard in the spring. I'm talking raising stone flower beds along fence line, addition of small pond and trees. If I clear the entire yard i.e. there's nothing but dirt there, what preparation should I do for the winter? I'm in colorado and it'll definitely get below zero. Should I cover the area? Or I was thinking to thouroughly cover it with grass seed before the first snow and fertilizer, but to be honest I'm clueless.