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Easy Rock Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Are there any shade-loving plants that are resistant to slugs (or that slugs don't like)?

    I have some hostas in a rock garden, in a very shady spot, that look just terrible, holes all over the leaves, and I know it's from slugs. Honestly, rather than combat the slugs, I think I'd like to plant something else there, something low or shrub-like maybe. I live in Michigan, for zone reference. Anyone have ideas for plants that could do well in a spot like this? Looking for something fairly easy, low to medium maintenance.

  2. Easy answer for turning a weed fest into garden short of pulling, what can I do?

    I want to avoid pulling every weed in this huge (20X20) rock laden area just to start with a clean pallet. I was thinking of putting 1 foot of soil down (to choke the weeds?) with a heavy 6" bark layer afterwards? Or will the weeds come through? I'm going to do the 1' of soil anyway.

  3. What is the most organic way to turn grass into bare soil for a garden?

    I want to take a small back yard and turn it into an organic garden but it is filled with old crab grass and weeds and I want to build up organic soil

  4. I recently bought a large glass vase, i have no idea what i can do , or put inside of it to make it look cool?

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, if you have some websites with ideas to that would be great. Thanx!

  5. What can I put around my house instead of mulch or rocks?

    I live in North Carolina so I don't want to put anything wood around at all because termites are really bad here and rocks just don't look good. Is there anything else I could put down maybe some recycled material? I do have a lot of flowers around the house. Thanks!

  6. how to separate rocks from garden soil?

    i am cleaning out an old planting area where the previous owner had bushes and used red rocks for mulch. I am making it into a nice flower bed but am struggling with an easy way to separate the rocks from the soil (which is quite good). I plan to reuse the rocks, as much as possible, by adding to other areas where they are already in use. any ideas?

  1. What sould i feed my pet garden snail?

    well, i have a garden snail and he happens to be my beloved pet. what should i feed him so he will stay alive? for that matter, how long WILL he live?

  2. Any ideas for an 18" wide by 10' long planter area next to a concrete walkway?

    We have day lillies and mulch there now, but we're switching to rock and pulling the lillies because they're outta control. I would love to do a flagstone-type planter, but the area is too narrow to put in bricks (I think). I thought about cutting the bricks in half, but I still think it would be too narrow. Any ideas for something creative we could do. I don't mind the lillies, but we just wanted some way to keep the rocks and lilies from carrying over into the walkway. Widening the planter and the walkway would be too expensive, otherwise I'd love to do it. By the way, it's right in front of our house, between the front porch and our walkway. And we live in Minnesota!

  3. how do you lay garden slabs for patio?

    my husband is a mechanic so has no idea how to lay slabs as hes never done it before. he has but a few down but they are wobbling .can anyone give us any help on how to do it plese? they are 2 x 2

  4. I want to start growing my own vegetables how do I go about this and what are the best veg to start with ?

    My 4 year old won't eat vegetables and both hubby and I love them, so we thought that we would grow our own with the help of 'junior'. Any ideas folks?

  5. What song should I audition with?

    I am auditioning for the musical "Once On This Island" in about 2 weeks, and have no idea which song to use! We have to sing 16 bars (about 45 seconds) of any song that has been on broadway or on an off broadway show. Any suggestions as to a song?(: Sorry, I should've specified more. I am a soprano, but my voice is pretty flexible if that makes sense.