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Japanese Rock Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Can somebody help me with a miniature japanese garden?

    I mean like one that can easily fit on a desk, and which includes a bridge, a temple, a cherry tree, a pond, grass, and rocks. I need to build all this myself. Can anyone give me a few pointers? Thanks.

  2. Does anyone know of eco-friendly alternatives for traditional grass lawns?

    I live in Canada and we have a short growing season. I would like to replace my grass lawn with a low ground cover that doesn't require a lot of watering or cutting. I don't want a rock garden or wood chips. I'll have to be able to rake leaves on it in the fall. I don't have kids or pets so it doesn't matter if it is "treadable". Any ideas?

  3. I wnat to make my room japanese themed any ideas?

    I want ideas on colors, decor and i am especially looking for some good bedspreads. Links would be amazingly nice too. I either want something like a late night tokyo or a tranquility garden sort of thing or just plain on japanese. Please give me as much as you can!

  4. We're in Austin. Nephew is visiting us from overseas and is a history buff...Any ideas on where to take him?

    We are planning to spend a day going to San Antonio to see the Alamo, then the next day will go to the Bob Bullock museum. Any other ideas? We'd like to stay in the Austin area since he'll be here only 3 days and we don't want to spend the whole time driving.

  5. Where can i get hold of some japanese style garden furniture in the UK?

    I'm looking for low, just off the ground, wooden furniture that can be left outside permanently.

  1. Where can i find some cool spots to shoot in portland?

    I just moved to portland from san diego and am looking for some cool spots to shoot. Maybe for a sunset or sunrise. Even urban spots. But nothing too far from portland. Ideas?

  2. Where should my boyfriend and I go on vacation?

    We want to go to California in March! We are not sure where to go though!! We need somewhere with a Marriott hotel, and we were thinking San Francisco or San Diego. We live in New Jersey though, so we have no idea!!!! If you have been to either place or ANYWHERE else in California that you think would be a fun place to visit, please share your experience. Keep in mind, we are two gay men. Well, not really men. He's 24 and I'm 19. But anyways, feedback please!

  3. Help with plants in Scotland please?

    Hello Yahooas, I live in the north east of Scotland, very windy at times (Nr Aberdeen) and am wanting some evergreen shrubs for the (large) garden. Did have a beautiful Broom bush until the last gales just ripped it out. The winter here is so dreary it would be nice to have some greenery/colour wintertime, PLEASE any advice or ideas greatly appreciated?

  4. How to cover large area under two huge shady maples?

    We have 33 by 23 foot area, and the front one third is covered with five huge rocks and a mosiac slate pathway. The rest is only covered by a weed mat so far- and we have a trucking company behind us with two acres of mostly weeds bordering this area, in the backyard. We were going to fill with mulch, but that will get blown away by the leafblower (I've heard that letting leaves lay there is a bad idea). Japanese rock garden sand is the worst thing with leafblowers, small pebbles may not be such a good idea, but large rocks are dangerous when covered with leaves, if we have to go steppign through them just to get all of them out of there. What to do, then?