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Rock Garden Ideas Flower Questions Answered!

  1. Have you ever gotten those shells that when dropped in a glass of water they turn into flowers?

    BQ= Or those rocks that you put in a gold fish globe bowl that make a colorful rock garden? this is pure nostalgia for me from when I was a kid in the late 50's. Yes J but those did not come along till 90's. I am talking about in the 1950's.

  2. Suggestions on creating a garden to get lost in?

    I love gardening and the idea of creating my own little world. I'm looking for suggestions on little tricks to add to my garden. (Water features that trigger when you step on them, Creative ways to make a maze....) I'm also curious on ways to turn a walking path into my own little garden. What touches would you add to turn a forest into it's own little world?

  3. What are some ideas for a Charleston theme bedroom?

    I love Charleston,SC. What are some ideas for a Charleston theme room? I recently painted my walls a light blue, the furniture I have is white. I don't have anything on the walls.

  4. We are building a small pond in our backyard with some goldfish. I would some ideas of plants.?

    I would like a few ideas on plants and flowers to plant around the pond to make it look nice. thank you.

  5. How do you get a perfect garden on animal crossing wild world ds?

    I went to Pelly and she said that there too little trees. So i planted a tree, went back to her and she daid that there were to many trees. Any ideas?

  6. Any ideas for a planter that is in a very shady area?

    I have a built-in planter under a porch overhang that doesn't get much sunlight. I've tried planting impatiences with little success. What ideas do you have?

  1. What kind of wedding flowers would compliment a turquoise theme?

    My bridesmaids, wedding dress trim, and groomsmen will all be rocking turquoise at our wedding in a year. My mother is in charge of flowers and is having a hard time coming up with something that will compliment that color! I thought pink roses or stargazer lilies would be best but she thinks I'm nuts. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  2. How do you prepare the ground for flowers?

    Me and my sisters want to plant flowers in the back garden and we were wondering whether there is anyway to prepare the ground so the flowers are healthy. Does anyone know anything about this subject?

  3. How to protect flower beds from freezing thems?

    Last week it was 80 here, now getting down to low 30's. Saw lots of my tulips,iris's, daffodils coming up, and much as 10 inches. Whats are some ideas to protect them from the low temps, will just blankets do? OOps meant to say frozen temps. See the same question is right below too. Will try those ideas.

  4. What can I get my pet rock for Christmas this year?

    I was thinking about a new portable garden with grass, dirt & flowers. It hints at wanting a female pet rock that's a hooker. I don't know about that, they might wind up with little pebbles in 9 months (or is it longer or shorter time for birth?) Any ideas?

  5. What plants (including flowers, bushes, and shrubs) grow well in rocky soil?

    I am looking to plant something against/near the back of a house in MA. The area gets partial sunlight (mostly in the afternoon). I believe it used to be a driveway in the 70s but now it is a good mix of gravel and soil. There is some grass and weeds covering part of it now. Any ideas?