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River Rock Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is something creative I can do with River Rock?

    I have a good bit of river rock approx 100-200. I would like to do something in my yard with the rocks, they are such pretty colors. Any suggestions would be great, I already have alot of rock work in the yard and am not looking to duplicate anything, so the more creative the idea, the better.

  2. what would be the best option for covering up my flower beds so weeds cant get through anymore?

    I have a lot of beds in my yard and cant keep up With the weeding. I need some ideas on what to put down. I have seen river rocks and bark mulch not sure if there is anything else. What would you choose? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  3. What are some good songs for the talent show?

    My friend and I are doing the talent show at our school and we need some song ideas. Mostly songs he can play on acoustic guitar. We just can't really think of any songs. Help? PS, no NeverShoutNever songs, he refuses to do those. : ( Haha.

  4. What is a good Homecoming Dance theme to attract both boys and girls?

    At my school the homecoming dance is planned by seniors and this is where most of the money for prom comes from. I need a good theme that everybody will like. The theme should be easy to make an assembly script out of. I really need a unique idea and that aren't to cliche.

  1. Decorative ideas for a non-working fireplace?

    I have a small fireplace with a mantle but it does not work and I'm hoping to find something pretty to do with it other than just candles. Ideas, anyone?

  2. What are some good Broadway musical songs to dance to?

    My high school is performing a lip sync musical. Yes, we have to dance. And songs that are slow and good to sing to would NOT work. This is a kind of strict High School, so it can't cuss, or be super dirty. I need girl/girl and boy/girl ideas. I wanted to do Take Me or Leave Me from Rent for the girl/girl (yes, I know its about lesbian lovers, we could work around that), but it has the word 'damn' in it, and I can't do that. So any ideas?

  3. Arranging river rock on a pea gravel base outside?

    I have a tiny little garden plot in an odd place in my backyard. It has lots of problems that are not easily fixed from a gardening standpoint. After much trial and error, I finally decided to fill the whole thing in with pea gravel and put planted containers on top of it. I have quite a bit of polished river rock from another project and was wondering how I could use the polished river rock in this space with the gravel. Should I just place pieces randomly or pile it up along the edges? I am open to any ideas. Thanks!