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Small Backyard Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What would be the ideal fruit/veggies to plant this time of year with not a lot of space to spare?

    My son and I have to make trips to the farmers market and grocery store every week because we go through so much fruit and veggies. I would like to plant some things, such as strawberries, peas, green beans, lettuce... But I have a smaller backyard, I mean it's decent size, but not huge. I have no idea what is in season or how to go about planting a garden. Can any of you green thumbs give me some tips? Thanks in advance!

  2. Resources for terracing a sloped backyard to put in a garden?

    My backyard has an inconvenient slope that directs water at my basement and is too steep to plant anything. On one side it currently has a 4' lumber retaining wall which is rotting. I'd like to replace it all with a series of smaller masonry retaining walls to improve drainage and allow for a vegetable and herb garden. Any idea on where to find resources to help me plan this venture out?

  3. Is it possible to grow corn both sustainably and organically?

    If so, what are some methods? Such as in backyard gardening and I want to make a small corn garden, both sustainable and organic. Any ideas on natural, organic fertilizers/pesticides if any? Also.. how could I conserve water, such as rain to water my garden with?

  4. Can you think of anything fun that I can put in my backyard to give my 2 dogs something to play with,in or on?

    I am planning a small garden area for my two dogs to enjoy why we are outside. They love to chase each other and play on , in, and around everything. Trying to come up with some ideas for fun playing that will also look nice in my yard.

  1. How to have a garden without any suitable soil?

    Well, I have small, but nice backyard. I would really like to have a garden--vegetables and herbs--but there's no good spot to put them! There's a patio, then grass, and the surrounding area is taken up by hedges and tree roots. So I'm trying to figure out some alternate ways to have a garden-- What are those big wooden rectangular boxes you often see? Could I use those? I've also heard of growing vegetables in big metal buckets. Does anyone have ideas, helpful links, etc.? Thanks much.

  2. In small area, 20'x8', what should I plant besides grass or vegetables?

    I have a small backyard behind my condo, and I need some ideas for plants. Its a tough question. There isn't a lot of light so I need to plant something that's not light intensive like vegetables. Thank you.

  3. We just had our Ash Tree in our backyard cut down because it was dead from the Ash Borer disease. What is a?

    nice tree to plant in a backyard? We have a small narrow backyard. Our Ash tree grew to be about 40 some feet tall, and it was a pretty big tree but not a great big tree, but it was big for our backyard. We had built a tree box around it that made it look nice.

  4. how can i get rid of my neighbors cats without hurting the cats?

    they poop and pee all over my backyard and garden. it stinks and i dont know what to do....... any tips on how any cat repellants might work,,, pls help.....