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Simple Backyard Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What plants should I plant in my garden bed?

    I want a simple looking bed, with easy to take care of plants. I have a separate section of my backyard for vegetables and herbs and stuff, so I want the garden bed to look simple. What types of plants should I plant there?

  2. How much can you cut off your grocery bill by "growing your own"?

    To me the math seems simple. You can buy vegetable seeds for a few cents each and produce fresh home-grown produce, or you can buy tomatoes, peppers etc from the store for dollars a piece! I figure this could especially be useful in the current economic conditions. So my question is... do you garden to save money, and if so, how much do you save? My second question, do you think it's possible that if someone converted their whole backyard into a carefully-planned garden, they could eliminate their need to buy fruits and vegetables from the store entirely?

  3. How do you rid snakes out of your garden?

    I love to garden but I have a real problem. We live by the National Forest out in the country- 6 acers. I don't mind the black snakes but we found Copperhead babies last week along with a few unknowns.. A lady in our area died from a snake bite last year while she was gardening. I need to tend to my flowers...help! We mow our grass regularly but a large field beside us is growing up and we are not able to ask the owner to mow it.Any ideas please?

  4. I have Two Cottonwoods in my back yard and i can't seem to grow any grass, what options do i have?

    The backyard is 40' x 65' and i really don't want to have to cut down the trees.

  5. How do I move a raised garden bed?

    My neighbors recently put in a new shed in their backyard, and it blocks all the sun from my garden. I can't do anything about it because it follows the local codes, so I need to move my raised garden bed. What would be the best way to do this? The garden is 8' x 12', has a wood frame, and is about 1' tall.

  6. What are some fun spring/summer activities for a family of 8 who live in Nebraska?

    My family has six children ranging in ages from 4-18. Since we live in the midwest, there's only so much that we can do. We kind of want to stay on a budget, but it's not mandatory. We already have zoo trips, camping trips, pools, and Fun Plex covered. And we're aranging to go to both Adventureland AND Worlds Of Fun & Oceans Of Fun. But we'd also like to stay in our area and do inexpensive things. So any ideas would be most helpful! Thanks guys!

  7. Any ideas on what to make dog agility equitment with?

    i want to make my dog some agility stuff for the garden,so nothing too big. Cant seem to see any good ones on internet. Cheap as well because i havent got much money

  8. How to build a patio UP on a hill?

    We just bought a house with a small concrete slab out the backdoor(big enough for maybe a table and grill) the yard is much larger and can probably fit a nice patio, chairs, hot tub and bar area! The problem is, it's uneven ground and slopes up the further you get towards the fence (yes the backyard is completely fenced in.) What can we do with this land without wrecking our budget too much? My mother in law is offering to plant flowers all around the fence but I want something different. Any ideas?

  1. How can I recycle organic garbage by turning it into compost (soil), since I don't have a backyard nor garden?

    I mean, all those fruits and vegetables garbage, that I throw in regular trashcans How can I recycle it, so that I pollute less and I turn it into compost (soil) and I "give it back" to Nature? Any gardener or botanist or agronomics engineer can give me some advice please? Thank you ps: I live in an appartement, not a house

  2. what is a good web site that I can get good detailed instructions for building different types bird houses?

    I live in middle georgia and wish to build my own birdhouses. There are many types of birds here and I only know how to build the blue birds homes.

  3. How do YOU enjoy life more? Can someone tell me how can I enjoy my life more?

    I see people everyday enjoying life. Celebrating the small things. I dont know how to to do that. I fell like I have lost myself deep and its hard finding myself again. Please teach me how I can enjoy life more. List 10 things that you do (not others do for you) to make yourself enjpy life

  4. How do you make a haunted house in a backyard for 13-year-olds: cheap!?

    i want to have a halloween party and have a haunted house in my back yard. I don't have much money for decorations but i want it to be scary yet a cool halloween setting hangout. the main place i want it to be in is 12ft but 41ft so it is limited we have a screen house we right next to it in case of rain so that is good but do you have any idea?

  5. Does anyone know how much it cost to get married in the Hennepin county (minneapolis) court house?

    Me and my fiance want to get married by this summer. We don't want a big wedding just one with family. We just want to know how much it is to get married.

  6. How do I plant a garden, this is my first so?

    I don't even know how to start, tools, I need or even what to do. So can someone please help me out. I going to use a part of my backyard thats a decent size about 10x10 it gets light in the morning and shade in the p.m like 3 or so. What should I plant also?

  7. Can I get some wedding tips please?

    I just got engaged two days ago and now it's time to start planning! I would love tips and hints about everything. Please help me out. How much should I expect to spend? We want to have a standard Catholic wedding, nothing too fancy though. A semi-large reception with an open bar. We plan to have family help with food so catering won't be needed. What are some ways to cut costs because lets face it, weddings are very expensive. Thanks!!

  8. instructions and photos for building a greenhouse out of recycled windows.?

    Looking for step-by-step instructions with photos on building a greenhouse out of recycled windows; and how a greenhouse works.