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Backyard Garden Ideas Photos Questions Answered!

  1. What involvement did technology have in stalin's purges?

    Did his secret police use specific technology to find the "counterrevolutionaries" and what technology did they use for censorship like editing photos? Any technology used please and the role it played. Pardon my grammar.

  2. What should I get my girlfriend as a house-warming present?

    My girlfriend's just moved into a new house and I thought I'd get her a little house-warming present - any ideas?? Much appreciated

  1. What type of plant is this? (I think they are some sort of rhizome)?

    I found these in the backyard of our 120yo house. I have no idea what they are. I dug them up, divided them, and then replanted them. I cannot find a pic online that ´┐╝matches, and I am dying to know what they are. Do you have any idea? The photos are at http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg55/Hannahkcw/

  2. have to design a backyard from scratch can anyone help?

    we have nothing to start with....backyard will be ripped up. any websites or advice someone can share?? we are bad gardeners so dont want flowers everywhere (they will just die!) need something low maintenance.