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Shade Garden Plans Questions Answered!

  1. Shade garden plants?

    I want to plant a shade garden in my front yard what plants do you reccomend? I have a good sized maple tree that this will be next to. I was planning on using some hostas but what else would look nice? Also, if it's important I'm in northern Virginia. Thanks!

  2. i need to kill everything in a area of my yard without sterlizing the soil?

    What household item can i use to kill out everything that is growing on the southside of my yard. I do not want to sterilize the soil, just kill all the weeds, poison ivy/oak, english ivy that is growing. I want to start all over and put in a shade garden, but this area has been growing wild for about 3 years now. After everything is gone i will be putting a new layer of soil and mushroom compost in a layer of about 5 inches thick.

  3. What perennial flower can I use to replace impatiens?

    I'm a beginner gardener and I'm working from a garden plan from Better Homes & Gardens. The plan recommends a small section of annual impatiens. I'd like all the plants in my garden to be perennial. Can anyone suggest a flower that is similar in appearance to impatiens, but is a perennial? I am on the cusp of Zone 6 and Zone 7.

  4. Any good deer-resistant plants for a shade garden?

    I am dealing with two problems in one here: 1. My front yard faces North and gets very little sun. 2. We have an outrageously large deer population that isn't too picky about food. I'm planning on creating two plots: one is about 2' by 10' and the other is a quarter-circle, about 5' in radius. Also, I live in Virginia, if that helps. Given that anything is better than nothing, suggest away! Flowering plants, decorative grasses, shrubs, herbs - I don't care!

  5. I want to make a garden this spring any adivce for a first time gardner?

    I live in massachusetts and I can only use shade flowers..but when should I begin preparing and does any one have helpful tips?

  6. Which Papaver somniferum will grow best in central florida?

    I enjoy gardening and am planning to plant some Papaver somniferum plants. First, which type works best in this climate: ie: danish flag, hens and chicks, himalayan etc? Second, since the garden is outdoors, where is the best place to put the plants for optimal sunlight? thanks for your help.

  7. How do I plant my first garden?

    I just brought my first home and I have a big back yard. I wanted to know how do I start a garden? I was thinking of planting some roses and tulips. Does anyone know what i should plant to attract butterflies? What other kind of flowers can I plant?

  8. When is the best time to start an herb garden in Florida?

    I hear gardening is very theraputic,And I love to cook with fresh herbs.What should I do to get started?

  1. I need so much help with what to plan outside. I do not have a green thumb when it comes to outside plants.?

    Anyway, I need some help in figuring out which shrubs I should plant to border my lower deck. the shrubs will be in a rock garden. I need a shrub that grows quickly and is hardy. Also, something that isn't toxic to my dog. Please help!

  2. How much sun do you get in a north facing garden?

    I'm thinking of buying a house with a N facing garden, I know it gets less sun, but how much less? The garden is actually to the side of the house so off the thin side of the house if that makes sense (I just thought the wideness of the house wonlt overshadow it)and its not overlooked by any other houses. It veers slightly off a bit to one side but is not that long about 36 x 45 Can anyone give me an idea?

  3. I have a 14' X 6' Garden area, would watermelons ruin my other plants?

    My little one wants to grow some watermelons in our garden. I have a good amount of space but I have seen some watermelon plants that were out of control. Would a small melon plant be ok? I forget the name of the watermelon plant at the nursery but the tag said they were small but good melons. Sweet Baby or Baby Red something like that. Yes! It was the Sugar Baby! I also live in AZ so I have plenty of sunshine to give them.

  4. What kind of flowers can I grow that are low maintenance and come back every year?

    I am wanting to plant my first flower garden in front of my house, I have never really planted anything! What kind of flowers can I buy that are easy to take care of, easy to plant and that I do not have to worry about planting every couple of months, preferrably ones that grow back? Thanks.

  5. Planning my garden for spring - would it be ok to move an established Lilac bush or simply plant a new one?

    I have a large garden with some spring bulb flowers, planning on some Glads, and would like to establish some flowering bushs - a portion of this garden gets full sun and about 1/3 is afternoon shade.

  6. What to do to prep for spring gardening in the fall?

    I live in the midwest and would like to know what I can do now for preparing next springs gardening. Would it be wise to dig up areas now for planting in spring? Also, what perennials are good for Wisconsin?

  7. When is a good time to plant a garden?

    I've never planted a garden, and just love the way they look! Any tips about when I should plant one, a good location (away from any pets/insects), and certain types of flowers that will work with warm weather without dying?

  8. What's the best plants/shrubs/bushes to plant in a mostly shaded area around the house?

    We have a septic system and are hoping plants would help absorb some of the excess water in the yard. We currently have nothing in the yard except 4 large trees and are planning some major landscaping this spring.