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Small Shade Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What kinds of plants are ideal for a container garden?

    They should be sun- and heat-loving, because most of them will be on the balcony or on the roof. A few small ones could be shade-loving. I would prefer it if they all had some practical uses, such as vegetables or herbs. Here are some that I'm planning on growing, to give you an idea of the sort of thing I want: Aloe vera, mint, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, green beans and peas, onions and garlic, lemon trees, carrots and lettuce. Thanks in advance :)

  2. What kind of grass seed to plant in heavily shaded area?

    I live in Wisconsin and have an area in the front of my house that is heavily shaded. We would really like to plant some grass under the tree's, but don't know anything about making grass grow in the shade. Could anyone help me on this one?

  3. What flowers belong in a country garden?

    My husband and I moved into a house that has the ground work for a beautiful garden. It is split into two sections by a small white fence with a white trellis in the center and a pond in the corner. The house sat empty for two years so the garden is completely over grown. Im about to start the massive cleaning process but what kind of garden should I do? It has a fair mix of shaded and non shaded areas. I love Lillie's so I want plenty of them maybe some irises. Any ideas?

  4. What is a good Focal point, scented, pretty, shade shrub/ tree for garden in southeastern washington?

    I live in Southeastern washington which is dry and warm. I have a garden near the house that is near the front door. It is about 10 X10 foot and gets mostly shade. I would like to plant a smallish (5-6ft tall) shrub or tree that blooms and is colorful from spring to fall. Scented would also be nice. Maybe attract birds? I dont mind pruning/trimming and it will get plenty of water. Any ideas?

  1. what types of plants could i use?

    im looking for ideas on flowers i can plant in an attempt to do some begginers landscaping. what tips or advice can you give someone who has never done this before?

  2. How big should a container be for growing vegetables?

    I planted some tomatoes in the spring time, in some 10 inch pots. They grew, but remained pretty small. I was told it was because the pot was way too small. Now I want to plant some broccoli, cauliflower, and romaine lettuce. How big of containers should I have? I live in an apartment complex, and only have a small porch! Would five gallon buckets work? Also, I was wanting to grow some radishes. If I got a long rectangular box, about 10 inches deep, 10 inches wide, and 30 inches long, would it be big enough? Radishes interest me because they are so quick to mature. Thanks!

  3. Ideas for shade in my south facing garden, please?

    I currently have a 30 foot tall birch tree and because of the damage its root system is about to cause, I have to cut it down. I am unable to sit in hot sun (UK!) so need some shade -I have considered a gazebo or pergola but wondered if you have an alternative idea!