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Shade Garden Ideas Flowers Questions Answered!

  1. What's a good full shade evergreen to plant in zone 6?

    Trying to decide what plants to plant in a fully shaded garden in zone 6. Looking for something that will have leaves in the winter to complement Hostas in the summer...ideas??

  2. Thunbergia in a shade garden?

    Thunbergia grandiflora, specifically. On the north facing side of my house is the porch which has a 4ft tall brick wall alongside it right under the overhang. It gets NO sun. I have a shade garden going there, and would like to plant a thunbergia there to vine up and around the wall. My Mom has one doing great on the east side of her house under the overhang, but I think it gets a little morning sun. I was wondering if anyone had any idea if it might do okay in full shade. Will it flower? Thanks!

  3. What are the best flowers to plant in a flower bed? What is the best way to take care of them?

    I have never planted flowers before. Should I get some that are already grown a little then plant seeds?

  4. How do i cover up a shady patch in my garden?

    Help, i have a gap at the bottom of my garden which i filled with fur trees, most grew tall but one wont grow at all, it isnt even dead either,how do i cover this gap up, needs to be somthing tall, cant think! Cats keep getting thru aswell so please help.

  5. What are some shade loving flowers that bloom all summer long?

    There's a corner spot in my yard that only gets maybe 3 or 4 hours of sun a day. I need ideas what to plant there. I have 2 bleeding hearts, some Yarrow and a few other things there now. I'd like flowers, not ferns or other greenery. Thanks! Ooops! Perennials, please!

  1. What are some good flowering plants that will thrive in shady areas?

    In my front garden i have alot of open space that gets some sun in one area in the morning and another area during the midday, and plants that need alot of sunlight don't do well, any suggestions or ideas as to different flowering plants i can put in that will be ok without a lot of sun?

  2. Any ideas on what type of yellow and/or purple flowers would be nice to fill a flowerbed with in Kentucky?

    I have a flowerbed that wraps around the majority of my house. We plan to plant it full of flowers in a few weeks. We are curious to know what type of nice purple and/or yellow flowers would thrive in Kentucky this time of year.

  3. What flower attracts hummingbirds the most-in your experience?

    I have an ever evolving hummingbird/butterfly garden, and I am looking for new flowers to plant. I have had the most success with bee balm so far. <3 Thanks for your advice. I live in the NE USA.

  4. What are some colorful flowers that bloom in fall or winter?

    I have a bed that gets sun for most of the day even in winter, and has good soil. But when it gets cold, everything in the bed dies off and it looks ugly and depressing. Can you recommend some brightly colored flowers that will bloom through the cold months? They can be either annuals or perennials.