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Shade Garden Ideas Hostas Questions Answered!

  1. Scale on Perennials in a shade garden?

    Almost Oct in St. Louis, MO. I went out and found scale all over the plants in one shade garden. Hosta, astilbe, liriope and Jap painted Fern. This is not a lite investation. There are 1000's. From back of leaves to the stems where they go into the ground. The scale is also all over the vinyl siding of the house. I can't understand this. Can scale be brought in on shredded bark mulch in the spring? I've just never had scale on yard plants before, just house plants. My first thought was to cut everything to the ground, take out all the mulch and treat the soil. Burn all the plant debris. I've already scraped them off my siding. Please tell me what to do. What do I spray with etc.. I welcome any ideas. These scale are brown, the size of a pencil point approx.. What are the chances of the scale coming back next year?

  2. What are some plants that grow well in shade?

    I have hostas, but I want something else that blooms colorfully.

  3. What kinds pretty flowers grow well in the shade?

    My house faces North, and I have a strip of a garden bed that runs along the front of my home and it's in the shade all day long. There are Hostas there now and they grow very well, and I like that they come back every year, but I find them boring! Any ideas?

  4. Why do my Hosta take so long to come up?

    I live in zone 8 southern coastal South Carolina, and my Hosta plants don't start appearing until the middle of June, while my Grandmother who lives in NY near the Canadian border has Hosta coming up when the snow melts in the middle of April. Any ideas why mine take so much longer to come back? I start watering them in March, so it doesn't seem to be an issue of water. Thanks for any suggestions!

  5. i think there used to be a pond in my back yard. what kind of plants can i?

    plant there to do well? there are lots of trees so that means the plants must love water and shade. something with color would be awesome!

  1. how do I get roses to grow in area with little sun?

    I live on the east side of a mountain and the house blocks much of the garden during the morning hours. Any ideas?

  2. What garden feature should I include in my garden?

    Herro! So I am designing this quite narrow garden. It is surrounded by tall buildings and therefore the area usually shaded. I am trying to think of a main feature to include in this garden but I can't think of any. The feature must be maintainable, attract wildlife, be cheap etc. I was thinking of having a feature which was alive and manmade eg. statue with plants in it or something? Please give me ideas!

  3. My back lawn is a mess. How can I grow grass through moss, shade, and compact soil?

    I live in Northeast Ohio and we are selling our house within the next year. We have a shaded back yard on a ravine. All of the grass has died over the year and patches of moss and weeds have taken its place. The soil is compact, but it seams to drain well despite that. What can we do to start getting grass up? Should we til or aerate? Should we lay down compost and lime?

  4. what kind of plants should i plant?

    i live in the midwest, northwest indiana, and am looking for an idea of what type of plants i can plant that will come up every year, that can be in the sun most of the time. I have hostas and mini roses, i need something for filler that will come back year after year. I am not really talented with outdoor plants, so any help would be appreciated.

  5. how to make shaddy garden look bigger ?

    at the moment is grassed it is raised by about 4 feet from the house and is about 50 by 40 foot any ideas ? shade comes from te house, sunny front garden