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Shade Garden Ideas Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. How do you keep the sun from scorching Bell Pepper Plants?

    I have four bell pepper plants in my garden (two red and two yellow). They have no problem producing bell peppers... but they get burned on the side that is facing the sun. They get burned before I can harvest them! I am thinking I need to build some sort of shade source for them. I have a raised bed garden... so moving the plants away from the sun is not an option. They are in the ground for good! :) Any Ideas? Links and pictures are appreciated!! Thanks for your input in advance!

  2. What is a good gardening book for Southern California?

    I wanted to start a vegetable or even a fruit garden and did not have any idea on how to begin. I'm looking for a good beginner's vegetable gardening book that is focused on Southern California- any suggestions would be helpful, thanks so much!

  3. What are some good very creative drawing ideas?

    I need some creative drawings for over the summer because I want to draw something but I have no knew fresh ideas!

  4. How could I give my room the beach feel to it?

    I'm just a teenager and my parents don't want me to give it any permanent changes. No painting the walls, and I have light blue walls. And I like to hang up pictures on my walls.

  5. what can i plant in a really shady part of my garden?

    id like something pretty and some fruit would be good but i have no idea what would be suitable. cheers for any ideas x

  6. How can you change a leafs color ?

    I need to take pictures of fall leafs for a catalog i am working on. Is there a way i can change the color of the leaves??? They will be green leaves. That i pick off a tree. Any Ideas any one. Science project

  7. I am redoing our front garden i want to to be gree and look like a cottage, like a cream picket fence?

    What should I plant and how can I make it look like a cottage such as fence, colors, ponds, big tree in the middle. Dont know, please give me any ideas. If you have seen the ad on tv where is about work safe and the boy stands out the front waiting for his dad, something like that with like a picket fence and lots of shade, but trees that dont loose leaves and always green.....

  8. I want to Create a cottage garden and need ideas?

    I'm particularly interested in tall cottage garden plants. I would prefer plants that flower all summer.Can any give me some advice. (UK)

  1. How do you paint a good tree silhouette?

    doing A level art, so i know what im doing :) using oils, paper or board brush isnt enough - any creative ideas?

  2. How can I encourage ivy to climb a vertical concrete wall?

    We have tried to get ivy to grow up our wall, but it appears that the wall is too smooth and vertical. How best can I encourage the ivy to grow? I can dangle string or a net from the top of the wall, and also erect something from the ground up, but I can't (am not allowed) drill any holes in the wall. What do you suggest? Thanks in advance!

  3. is there like a manual or a book on how to use a 35mm camera?

    i'm thinking about purchasing one but i have no idea how to use one. is there any way i can teach myself? Is there a book or something that would help me along the way. They offer courses at school, but i'm focusing on my major right now, it would only be an elective for me. what kinds of things can i do with it?

  4. I want to send a picture to the local kids newpaper but i dont know what to draw.Help?

    Every week kids and teens sumbit drawings to the newpaper people. I want to but I dont know what to draw. Any ideas? P.S I like painting more then sketching.

  5. How to girly up my room?

    Well i had my room done, and its not girly at all :(, any idea's? (no buying furniture!) I have a black and white pattern on the walls and a white bed and a white fury rug, but sadly my carpet is green, cant afford new carpet atm. i already have zac efrone everywhere! But ive seen all my friends rooms and they are so nice and girly, it just makes my room look shit! :/

  6. What are the best native English or European flowers that best attract butterflies and bumblebees?

    i have a buddleia, lavender, some old leeks that i let flower, and some nettles. can any one recommend any thing else? much thanks

  7. What's the secret to taking great photos?

    My photos never turn out how I'd like them to. I seem to take hundreds and then only one or two look ok (thank goodness for digital!). I have four children and try to take just natural, unposed shots. What are some nice ideas that can look really good?