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Best Shade Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Bamboo/cane shade for roof garden - design ideas?

    Hello, I am planning to build a bamboo/cane-shade in my roof garden (or rather pay someone to to it :) I am looking for ideas... I'd like the shade to cover only part of the roof area to provide shade in summer (summers in Malta can be very hot!). The shade has to stand strong wind, sun and rain and be aesthetically pleasing. Any design ideas? Many thanks, Inga

  2. Will pepper deter squirrels if I sprinkle it around my gladiolas? Or, what other household item would help?

    I have the bulbs planted in pots so I can have them in full sun, as my garden is a shade garden. I was thinking about bringing in the pots in the evening and then put them out again in the morning. I'd rather not move them in and out each day, but don't want the squirrels digging them all up! Any ideas? Please don't say get a dog. I have one. As much as he'd love being outside all night on squirrel duty, I'm not going to give him that option.

  1. Is it too late to plant a nice shade tree in zone 5?

    I'm in the Chicago area. We'd like to plant a nice shade tree on a sunny corner of our lot (right where the local parade passes by in the summer). We only want to spend about $100, so it won't be a full sized tree, but should be bigger than a sapling. If we plant one that size this weekend, will it survive the winter? Will planting it now give it a chance to establish strong roots before spring? Or, should we wait to plant in the spring?

  2. Can you tell me which flowers are sturdy enought to stand West Texas heat, without much shade?

    My daughter wants to have a flower pot garden on our patio, and that's fine with me, but i know i kill everything i put out there, and i hate to disappoint her right off the bat! So are there some flowers that can take the heat better than others? i never know how much to water or how often, and sturdier flowers just stand a better chance with us!