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Does anyone have any good decorating ideas for a wedding/reception with a ballroom theme?

Our wedding will be in mid-November in Ohio. We are going to hold the wedding and reception in the same place--a banquet hall that allows use of the gazebo, natural spring, and the rest of the beautiful outdoor surroundings. Renting this place takes up most of our money. But I still want to feel like a princess at the ball when I step into the room (me and my bridesmaids are in ball dresses, the men are in tuxedos). I need help with decorating ideas that won't break our pockets.


  1. Use silky material and make swags along the walls, you could probably even buy, make or rent some pillars to dress up the hall a bit. Even styrofoam pillars would work if they are well painted. Does the hall have chandaliers? That would really make it too!
  2. Candles are by far the most inexpensive way to create an elegant, romantic atmosphere, and you can keep an eye on the sales flyers from the craft store and get them on sale (just make sure you don't get scented ones or you'll have too many competing scents). Also, try to incorporate candles into your table decorations and centerpieces. If simple elegance is what you have in mind purchase an amount of lace yardage. Lace can be inexpensive when purchased by the yard, from a flat, and you can do so much with it. Instead of hemming the lace use fabric glue to attach rhinestones or strands of beads. Many decorators choose to place white satin under the lace for an even more elegant look. The satin should be only slightly longer than the table so that the lace can be seen in the front and on the sides of the table. Tall potted plants, especially palm trees, can add some elegance to a room (and cover up any less than desirable backgrounds). If your location doesn't have them, you can probably pick up a few from a garden or home improvement store. Add a personalized touch and honor your heritage by using family photos as décor pieces. Gather some stylish frames and ask for photos from both sides from the family (black and white works perfectly here). These inexpensive touches can embellish your guest book table or decorate otherwise décor-impaired spaces in the facility. Floral arrangements are pricey, so make them earn their keep. Invite your ceremony flowers to the reception! You can use them to decorate your cake or gift table – and your guests will never be the wiser. Unfortunately, some elements of your special day simply go unnoticed by guests. So if your budget won’t allow you to drape your entire reception area in stylish décor pieces, relax. You can still create a noticeable impact by saving your decorating dollars for the areas that will pack the biggest punch – such as the entranceway. Tulle fabric can be obtained fairly cheaply - don't shop in the wedding aisles. Go to a fabric store and purchase it there. Anything with "wedding" on it is automatically going to be more expensive. http://www.yourweddingcompany.com/images/large/lrg_DC014.jpg Try these sites as well: http://www.superweddings.com/weddingdecorating.htm http://www.wedding-ideas-and-details.com/wedding-decorations.html http://www.wedding-ideas-and-details.com/inexpensive-wedding-ideas.html
  3. Lots of fabric from a discount fabric store. I decorated a hall for a wedding and used sheer fabric to drape and swag over arched windows and doorways. The fabric was 75 cents a yard regular price! I also used the fabric on the tables. Ribbon bows go a long way to decorate especially as pew markers when you walk down the aisle and on a cake table. They are easy to make and can be reused. Rent lots of plants. Make a "garden" inside in a corner of the room where you can take pictures. Place a fake lamp post, bird house, bench in the garden. Your guests will love it! They will be snapping pictures like crazy! I did this for my son's wedding and it was a big hit. To save money on the wedding cake, order a cake with no icing flowers and place fresh flowers on the cake. Keep flowers in water till needed. At the last minute just snip the blooms leaving about 1/2 inch stem to push into icing around layers. For the top, buy a piece of floral foam (the kind that holds water) at Walmart and cut to fit a small glass bowl or any container you wish. Soak foam with water and place cut flowers around till full of blooms. It's really easy. Don't be afraid! You can't mess this up! Saving money is a bit more work, but the results will be spectacular!
  4. This place sounds beautiful already so I doubt if it needs a whole lot to make it look really elegant. I would buy lots of white or iridescent tulle. It's like .40 cents a yard. String it around and use lots of greenery and candles. You could also get big white flowers and drape them in and around the tulle (use high quality silk flowers, cheaper, and can be used in your home after). I also like to get the tiny clear twinkly lights and wrap the tulle around them, it gives that fairy tale look. Especially nice at night on the gazebo.