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Moonlight garden landscaping ideas?

I'd like to create a white themed garden that looks pretty at night and will blend in my back yard corner area. I know that the moonflower is a good choice for a running vine. Are there any white flowering evergreen shrubs or other choices I can choose from also? I think that white is elegant and relaxful for a garden setting.


  1. How about white Caladiums? Dusty Miller looks good at night also. Depending on your climate, how about star or night-blooming jasmine which provides a double benefit as the scent is stronger in the evening. Brugmansia or trumpet lily is also a nice white plant. Four-oclock flowers are good too (they open at 4 oclock and close before daylight!) In my own garden I have some type of short pampas grass that is beautiful at night, especially on a full moon. Here's a good source for some nice white plants! The second site actually lets you choose plants and flowers by color - could give you some good ideas! Good luck and hope this helps.
  2. Kathleen brings up a good point- since your garden will be low on light, bring up the other senses- particularly the sense of smell. Fragrant flowers like jasmine, honeysuckle, gardenia and roses are all great options for bringing up the sense of smell. Sounds like a lovely project! Good luck!
  3. Should also have Nicotiana - lovely scent in the evening and easy to grow.
  4. For a shrub - how about a white-flowering azalea?
  5. I would try to find plants that have a dark foliage and bright white blooms or tufts because they would have the most contrast. In the low light levels of even a full moon, details can get lost - that's where CONTRAST comes in. Indian hawthorns, Crape myrtles (blanco), and variegated plants (striped - acuba, spotted - caladium) seem like they would give some good contrast. Tan native grasses and totally white plants like Dusty Miller may be light and reflect a lot of moonlight, but without any strong contrast, they'll just glow - like looking through salty, blurry glasses at the beach!
  6. Not only should you consider white flowers for a white garden but the pale colors or pale pink, light lavender, lilac, and pale yellow as well. These color just pop when twilight begins, especially pale lavender, something about light wavelengths and theirs being long, I think. Some great flowers are impatients, they come in white but also light shades of lilac and pink and petunias also in those colors. For next year you might want to add white triumphator tulips. There are also white cone flowers, white roses (alba rugosa and Ice berg), lambsear (gray-green foliage with pale pink flowers), hosta plantaginea (has a large trumpet shaped flower that smells of gardenia), Annabell hydrangea, nicotiana Only the Lonely (flower smells of gardenia and opens at night), Other white plants, White Profusion butterfly bush, phlox 'David', the near white daylily Joan Senior, white variegated hosta, Casa Blanca Oriental lily, Peacock Gladiola, regular white gladiola, white delphinium, Muscadet Oriental lily, nigella African bride, and white Sonata (a short one!) cosmos. Many trumpet shaped flowers will attract the night-active hummingbird moths and hawk moths, which feed at dusk and are amazing to watch, very much like hummingbirds themselves. They are insect the size of a small hummingbird. A grey, white and pale yellow garden would be wonderful.