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What is the best way to land scape?

I need tips I am going to make a flower garden!


  1. xeroscaping is one of the best and saves water
  2. http://www.tomtree.com/HTLAND.html
  3. xeroscaping............
  4. I don't supposed I could interest you in a truck load of plastic flowers?
  5. Go to your local plant shop. Everything depends on your “zone” and what plants will thrive in your area. However, keep in mind a good mixture of annuals (plants that flower more but die every year) and perennials (plants that don’t have as many flowers but, you plant once and they come back every year) is best.
  6. Till the ground first, or if not a big area..use spade shovel to dig down about 6" and flip soil to cultivate soil. If area has grass, spray paint a circle or shape of bed, and then dig up sod. Put a pencil in center of area and attach a string then extend string to length and then just walk around and paint and makes even circle. Usually taller flowers in back (will tell you height on tag of plant). Add big rocks or statue or birdhouse....to make more interesting. In your planning, sketch out where you want plants and include existing plants..
  7. Plan before you start. l. what will I need: A means to plow up the soil weed killer, then wait 6 weeks, add admendments to the soil and correct the ph balance. hard scape put in first Then start to plan the shape of your garden landscape, have in mind what you want to achieve. Get a book to get an idea of what you want it to look like and the purpose, area for eating, playing, patio, paths Do you need rocks, path walking stones Select plants at a nursery, do you want plant to give color, or plants not color but will look great with formal trimming? Select what you are going to use as a border, bent red wood board, bricks, what ever to define the landscape from the grass. Before you start have every thing delivered once you have prepared the soil, and hardscape. Have all plants delivered and leave them in the pots and set in place in the garden, and wait and see how they are going to look. Make sure you take as much advise from professionals that you can get. You may want to call in some professionals and see what they will charge. Tell them your budget. No one can tell you with out seeing the property. YOu must decide if you want straight bordrers or curving . Do you want annual flowers or permanent plantings Do you want it to look like a Chineses Garden, Native Garden Low water garden Desert Garden, Rose Garden, Formal Italin English, Do you want fruit trees, Do you need a play area for children Do you need a dog run. Now I just gave you things to think about, I'm not a landscaper, and if I was I wouldn't do it over the phone, and I would draw out the plan before I started. You will need to choose your plants with care. Some for the shade, sun, Western exposure, So. Exposure, Eastern exposure , and for a North cool wall if you have it. You asked I did the best as I could. Please ask the help of your local nursery. Hoyakins