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Keeping deer from eating my landscape?

I live in NC and am having terrible problems with deer eating my landscaping like shrubs, flowers and garden plants. Any ideas besides blowing the critters away?


  1. Lifebuoy soap
  2. you could put salt lick out to give them something else to attract them away from your landscape. check with local sporting goods store for possible repellant.
  3. Buy a wolf
  4. panther pi$$. couger pi$$. Most pet stores sell a version of this.
  5. I never had a problem with them myself until someone killed my beagle dog now they are everywhere.other than get a good dog that would keep them chased away I dont know what else to tell you.
  6. I did this cuz i have the same prob. Take some chilli powder and sprinkle it on your plants. Trust me, they'll never come back again!
  7. There is a product called liquid fence that is suppose to work, also cayanne pepper mixed in water and spray on shrubs, go to a beauty shop and ask for their hair clippings and spread them around, they will detect the human scent and flee. I would try the liquid fence spray first if no response the pepper spray.
  8. Get some human hair from a beauty shop--it terrifies them! So does anything that makes a loud noise unexpectedly....but no ideas on what from me....
  9. deerout.com has stuff, it works. but they come back. ill have to try cayenne pepper.
  10. I swear by a product called Plantskyyd. It works much better than Deer-Off and Liquid fence. It's not cheap but neither is replacing trees and shrubs and flowers which get eaten by deer! http://www.plantskydd.com
  11. You will make a lot of money if you can figure that one out. A dog would do it (most of the time). Are they NOT eating any of your plants? Fill your yard with those.