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How much, if any, will landscaping work increase the value of my property?

I want to get some landscaping work done around my house. Maybe $3-4k worth. Does landscaping generally have a decent return on housing value? I remember reading something about how kitchen renovations give you the biggest bang for your buck, but I couldn't find anything about general landscaping. I'm going to have some new plants and bushes put in, re-brick the patio, and have all the rocks replaced with mulch. I'm new to owning a home, so I'm just looking for some insight. Thanks.


  1. Yes, absolutely. But is depend what is the scope of work, locations, orientations, etc. How much are you going to expend and do? If you are going to put something for short time or long time like ponds, plants, trees, etc. First, review price properties around your land and decide how much you want to invest. Not more that new owner is going to pay.
  2. Landscaping is essential to property value. If I were you, I'd hire a young knowledgeable person who has good references and ideas. That way you can get more bang for your buck. Of course, you can work along side such a person and work out the details and plans. Shop at your garden supply stores, go to your library or purchase books to get lots of ideas and instructions that can teach you how to go about laying out flower beds and teach you which plants grow best in your area, and such. There are even computer programs, etc Perhaps watch HGTV they have tons of ideas or go on line...(see below) www.my-gardening-and-landscaping-makeover.com/annual-bedding Remember two rules about property: 1. Location--location 2. Curb appeal. It will sell a house before they set foot in the door!