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Any suggestions for a unique eagle project?

I'm looking for an eagle project, and i want it to be away from the usual. I don't want it to be planting a flower garden, painting a wall, building a fence, etc. Does anybody have any ideas that are unique? Please share your experiences of eagle projects you've participated in or have seen or observed. Thank you.


  1. The idea of Eagle Project is not uncommon. The things which you have mentioned in your question (you don't want fence, panting, garden, etc. etc) are common and known to all. The word, "Unique" denotes that you want to have some very astonishing planning for your project. You project will become unique when you will have Natural Environment for your birds. Keep them as if they are human being. Birds must share some part of their life with men and women who come across with them. For this purpose you must have to establish your farm on the outskirt of the city, Open place but near with the river as also with the Natural forests or jungle. These things are very hard to establish, but you can do this provided you are determined and have financial support to do this work. Good Luck
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