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Looking for a website with landscaping ideas?

I am looking for a website that shows landscaping ideas for "normal" everyday homes , seems like they are all these huge fabulous homes owned by rich people which I am not,lol I own a brick ranch and am looking to re-landscape the front yard. Any ideas would be much appreciated!


  1. I suggest you drive around the neighborhood and see what others have done to their yards
  2. Try this place, http://www.landscapingideasonline.com/ I found it when I was looking for some garden gnomes, which I think are awesome to landscape with. I did end up using a couple of the ideas from that website in the placement of the gnomes that I found at www.shadygnomes.com but there are tons of pictures to look though, so get ready and good luck.
  3. I get the email newsletter from better homes and gardens and they always have tons of ideas on landscaping.