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Do you hate it when another M&D regular inadvertently plants bad ideas in your head?

Or does it secretly give you a thrill? Suggested Category: Home & Garden > Garden & Landscape


  1. My fields havent been plowed in a long time so no one can plant anything there.......but I would be thrilled.
  2. Gives me a chub usually.
  3. If you feel that you are being seeded with unwanted thoughts, perhaps you should figure out why you are such a fertile growing medium for them.
  4. It's what i live for.
  5. You are just being completely paranoid. It's all your fault and no one else's, but yours. So stop blaming others and you should feel ashamed of yourself for suggesting such a horrible thing. Shame on you!!!
  6. sorry about that Pearl.
  7. These bad ideas I'm thinking about actually arouse me.
  8. They can plant whatever they want but only you can let it take root.
  9. It's what brightens my day.
  10. I just come here to look at "ĿỉŁF™15 wears skirts" lips when I'm bored.
  11. Chocolate.
  12. Why does this question give me wood?
  13. I don't often visit this site, too many trolls. However, when I do I have to admit you intrigue me. Sometimes you seem like a 'nice' girl and at others very very naughty. Whatever, I am convinced you need a good seeding!.
  14. Someone can plant a bad idea in your head, but for it to grow, it needs fertile ground... like if you have sh*t for brains...
  15. To be completely honest, I think that's why I'm here. <-- Thrill Seeker!
  16. All I wish to know is, was it me and what was it? I want to offer another thrill sometime.
  17. I HEART the thrills
  18. Variety is the spice of life, and the ideas we get from our fellow reprobates only help us be better reprobates....