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What are some good landscaping ideas for my garden?

Do you know any sites that has good landscaping pictures to get ideas? I have planted 6 fruit trees, and now need to do the landscaping and the ground work to cover the dirt and make it look nice. If i don't cover the dirt, weed keeps growing and dried grass. Pls help, thanks!


  1. Belle it will depend on your weather conditions, soil, do you have sun, or shade. What zone will be of great help. Please offer the group more information.
  2. Mulch around the base of the fruit trees, Brown or red ceder mulch looks nice. Plant grass or some other ground cover around the mulched areas.
  3. Go to bhg.com (Better Homes and Gardens). They have landscaping plans for all types of yards and conditions, along with substitute plants for the ones they list in some of them. They also have a program on their site where you can create your own plan by plugging in the dimensions of your yard and adding plants the size you want to see how it will look. One good way to keep the weeds from coming through is to put down black plastic before you plant. Fasten it down well (we cut about 6" lengths of wire and bend them like staples), cut holes in it where you want your plants, and plant them through it. You can cover it with mulch once you've finished to hide the plastic. The plastic also holds in moisture and heat, so you won't have to water as often.