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What is a good gardening beginners magazine to read?

I'm wanting to start my own garden and landscape my back yard but i want a good mag with good ideas. Not anything to much but a creative mag.


  1. I would go to the library and look for landscaping books. Better Homes and Gardens have some good books. Also there is a good magazine called Garden Gate. some of the seed catalogues have pre-planned gardens etc. Try www.springhillnursery.com or www.waysidegardens.com
  2. I have always liked Mother Earth, I believe Amazon is having a 75% off on magazines right now.
  3. better homes and garden might have good ideas. i'd go to the library first and look at what they have book wise. they should have lots of books on all sorts of things pertaining to gardening and landscaping you can also join some of the yahoo gardening groups out there for lots of help with info, advise and you can even get free plants and seeds (might have to pay postage but that's it)
  4. Garden Gate magazine is great for ideas and info. So is Better homes Garden Ideas and Better Homes Garden Rooms that can be found in your grocery stores. Online Magazines can be found at -http://www.gardentimeonline.com/OnlineReading.html
  5. I bought Better Homes and garden had useful advice and nice land scalping techniques. Below site have all garden magazines under one head and have information about each magazines you can look there. I bought two magazines subscription at really cheap price from below site and I am happy about that.