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I want to surprise my boyfriend with a romantic chinese food dinner....Can you give me decorating ideas?

I'm planning to make chicken, chowmein, rice, etc. I'm going to buy one of those fortune cookies where you personalize the message inside. How should I decorate the table. Where can I find cute decorations for this theme?


  1. go on the internet and search cute chineese decoration stores
  2. Decorate the table with Lucky Red Paper cutouts (you can get in Chinatown or online) these are usually pasted in windows, but would be cute on the table. (these are also very cheap) Red peonie flowers (at any florist) in a simple vase is very Chinese and a nice centerpiece. Or get small individual paper lanterns (easy to get online, and very inexpensive) to hang from small bamboo poles (garden store) and put them in a vase as a centerpiece. Get those gold foiled-covered chocolate coins (Chinese are all about lucky coins and lucky money) to spread on the table. Fruits such as persimmons and pomegranates look very chinese and pretty for this theme too and are easy to get at any good grocery store -- or if you have trouble finding persimmons look at the Asian market (most larger cities have at least 1 Asian market). You could get several and put them in a chinese-style bowl (use a smaller bowl and stack them high for a look of abundance). Keep your theme colors to Red and Gold -- very Chinese colors, and also appetizing colors too. Also, include all of the 5 traditional Chinese elements somehow, either the element itself or a symbol of it -- Earth ( yellow), Water ( black), Metal (white), Wood (green), Fire (red). BTW, each element is associated not only with a color, but also a flavor, direction, type of plant etc. You can find more complete lists of these associations by searching online.
  3. I'm not sure where you live but pier ! imports is likely to have some chinese themed decorations. Try a red tablecloth with a dragon design and red or gold napkins. Make sure you have chopsticks of course. A party supply stor might also have chinese themed decorations. Some paper lanterns would also help set the tone. Have some soft instrumental music playing int he back ground. If you were thinking of burning incense, don't do so until after the meal. Have fun
  4. Party stores should have some decorations for you. I've never done something like this before, but I would imagine that getting some of those small asian lamps with the candles inside (sorry I don't know the name) would be nice. You could also pick up some chopsticks and maybe some of those bamboo "pictures" that hang on the wall.
  5. well all i can say is make the light dim. that will make things a little more romantic ;)
  6. I think you can find Chinese themed decorations just about anywhere, including places like Walmart in their home decor section. I know super Targets have those world Bazaars every now and again with a lot of cool stuff. You can also try Pier 1 Imports if you have that near you.
  7. red and black is good to start go with red linnin table cloth and napkins and black table ware candles that are low and small just to make a glow not to light things ,very simple is best try a one world shop or pier one imports or go to a chinese market they carry a lot of items ,then find a sprig of orange blossem fake is fine ,to lay in the center of the table
  8. Chinese fans are very beautiful and romantic, if you live near a china town they have everything
  9. Some lime green vases filled with bamboo plants are nice. Use a red table cloth, don't forget the candles and incense.