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Anyone have landscaping ideas for the front of a house?

We just bought our first home last July and are clueless how to landscape around the house. Right now all that's around the house are ugly bushes that are dead. This spring we are digging up the bushes and we have bought landscaping stone (the multicolored gravel) to go around the house. Does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions on what to plant? I want colorful flowers that will come up every year and some trees that are mauve in color. I haven't a clue what to get! Help!


  1. there are a lot of tv show about it ,but you can go to home depot or lowes and they have a lot of books for landscapings ,if you want you buy or just see the pictures and get ideas
  2. Better Homes and Gardens has some really great garden plans on their website.
  3. buy perennial flowers that come up year after year. pansies are really good for this and will grow back even thicker year after year. while they are blooming deadhead and when you get little seed pods on them pop them and they will grow, they pods are full of seeds, in corners you can plant butterfly bushes, they always look really pretty and lilac bushes grow well up against houses and are very pretty.if you want a good display that will grow up onto the house you could plant wisteria that grows on just about anything and they have purple in that,and it grows in shapes like bunches of grapes, that would look nice. start off with some paper and get on-line to look up plants and draw what you have to see what you think would look nice. you can always add more as you go along, and remember gardens change as they grow, just enjoy making it look beautiful and don't worry, most plants are strong and before you know it you will have a beautiful landscape. good luck hun.xx
  4. I don't know what your "zone" is, but I would suggest for trees a Red Japanese Maple or a Smokebush, both which have a red-deep burgundy color to them. Put one in a "bubble" at the corner of your house for an attention grabber. Make sure you add evergreens into your landscape so you have year round color. Hollies are also great because they produce berries in the winter, which provide added winter color. I like variegated hollies because they are a foliage plant, but with the added yellow in the leaf it makes them more interesting than just "a green bush". A lot of people like to put Alberta Spruces next to their doors. There are also low growing junipers which are nice as well. Blueberry bushes are also neat because 1) they produce blueberries and 2) their leaves turn red in the fall. Go to a local garden center (not Home Depot or Walmart) to get your plants, they are much more informative and have better stock. One great tip that I love is going to your garden center once a month and buying something that is in bloom, that way you will have seasonal color. Plant bulbs for early spring color. It's a little too late to be planting bulbs right now, so you can buy hyacinths and daffodils etc that are growing in pots and plant those in the ground. The bulbs, if not eaten, will come up every year. Aliums are another great bulb with great color, they produce a purple "globe". Look for perennials at the garden center. They all have different bloom periods. Make sure you buy at least 3 so your garden has some continuity to it, and so that the plantings look "substantial" and not "weak" (you don't want a lone flower, you want a bunch of flowers). Some of my favorite perennials are: phlox (low growing, blooms early spring) black eyed susans/ecinacea ("daisy"like flowers, colorful, july-august) hosta (great for shade, foliage plant with different colors) sedums (fall foliage, full sun, varieties also come in burgundy foliage) I would also look into buying shrub roses, Double Knock Out Roses are my favorites, and come in a nice bright pink color. They are very low maintenance and bloom all season (from May through Sept). They can take hot hot hot full sun, and are disease resistant. Hydrangeas are also great flowering shrubs. Ask for the "Endless Summer" variety. Depending on your pH, which you can change, they are pink or blue (add garden sulfur to make blue). Endless Summers are great because they bloom on old and new growth. A problem with a lot of hydrangeas is that they bloom on old growth only, and sometimes this growth gets pruned off or doesn't last through the winter. Endless Summers also bloom all season. They need a little shade, as hot sun makes them "weep". Martha Stewart actually has some great gardening advice. One of my favorite things about her is that she has a "cutting garden", which is made up of perennial flowers that you can cut and have as a bouquet! To make your house even more colorful, I would add window boxes and hanging baskets with annuals in them. Annuals are great because they provide color throughout the season. Make sure you water them though! I hope that helped!
  5. I am a landscape designer and will be happy to help with ideas,a few important questions .what style of home,what color,are you looking for conifers or flowering species and I am assuming you are temperate,but how cold does it get ,and how does it get.landscaping is exterior design,and whatever you plant,will be a reflection of you.I will be looking for your edit.