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How can I stop my dog digging up the garden?

We have two English Springer spaniels, both aged about 16 months, a dog and a girl. They both like to dig up plants and half eat them. We've done the usual, shouting at them etc. and trying to show them we are displeased. They don't seem to remember and do the same the next day! Any ideas how we can get them out of this habit?


  1. You can put up a fence/gate around the garden, however if your dogs are too clever for that, try to put an object they don't like near the garden. For example, if they have a fear of rain boots, you could put some near the garden. Hope this helps!
  2. Bored and under exercised dogs dig.
  3. Some good advice is to bury some blown up ballons in the earth in their favourate digging spot,when they dig the balloons will pop startling the dogs to stop digging and they won't be so quick to dig there as they will remember they were startled before.Another method could be to keep a hose pipe and handy and give them a quick squirt when they start to dig,this would have to be done within seconds of them digging though.You can buy some anti digging products from large pet stores I don't know if they actually work.Never leave them in the garden unsupervised as this is when most dogs dig when your back is turned.To be honest one of my dogs was a terrible digger,we tried everything except shouting as this makes dogs more excited so avoid that.We gave up and eventually put a patio in our back garden.
  4. The most likely reason they're doing some landscaping for you is that they're bored and have energy to burn. I'd start by increasing their exercise. If you're walking them once a day already, I'd increase it to twice a day. If you're already walking them twice a day then I'd walk them three times a day or increase the length of time of each walk. If you have an off leash park near you I'd take them there so they can run as much as they want and really tucker them out. The next step is to help overcome their boredom. This can be done by using interactive toys and treat balls. Kongs with frozen stuffing is really good, but there are heaps of other options you can use. Put a few treats in each ball (you don't want to give them too much or they'll start packing on the pounds). Another option rather than adding treats is to use a portion of their daily food intake to stuff the treat balls. Eg, if they currently get two and a half cups of kibble a day, put half a cup into their treats and at dinner time only feed them two cups. Another option is to give them a designated digging area. Buy them a sand pit that it's OK for them to dig in and train them to dig there rather than anywhere else in your garden. Good luck and I hope this helps.
  5. Hide the spade. (joke.) Perhaps they aren't getting enough exercise, these dogs have loads of energy and need plenty of "walks".
  6. how bout rigging an irrigation system around the garden, a garden hose with holes punched in it. Turn the water on when the dogs go out. Between the soppy grass and the water spraying it may take all the fun out of it. my biggest concern would be the eating the plants part. Id worry about poisonous plants. Good luck!
  7. Yes It's possible to train your dog yourself. You need it take time doing it and make sure to reward the dog when he does what you want him to do. This way the dog will do it over and over for you. I;ve trained my dog to speak, sit, stay,give paw, high five and other things.