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Would you like proper public transport and childcare and decent jobs and healthcare and affordable housing ?

Would this help you ? In Switzerland you will find: Public transport to every village. Affordable childcare Decent jobs paying you a minimum of 10 pounds an hour Great health care and dental services Housing for under 50k for a DETACHED house Great happy smiling people (who can speak English). And taxation is 19% on income no capital gains. AND YOU ARE WELCOME ! Why not demand in your country that you have these things and that the government do a MUCH better job ?


  1. Because Switzerland doesn't owe a huge national debt to pay for wars like we do. The value of the US Dollar is declining rapidly.
  2. wow,the swiss are really lucky to have such a good government!Just a shame that the UK government NEVER listens to what it's residents want.
  3. Do you work for the Swiss tourism industry?
  4. I know France has a pretty good setup to unfortunately all of our taxes go to paying off the interest to the Federal reserve who own us. Also our politicians love to give our money away to other nations can we trade governments please.
  5. Yeah okay, Switzerland is good now...imagine loads of immigrants move in (no matter where they come from), all those services would slowly decline. Just like what is happening in the UK now.
  6. tell it to Emperor Gordon Brownshirt Brownaparte and is cronies. they could careless for the nation and its people. what their eyes glaze over when you mention power. they drool and babble like addicts.. this is why our nation is in such a state of decline and yours is i a state of prosperity.. we are happy for you. enjoy life for us because the UK government has made it illegal the have a happy and prosperous life here
  7. Good for you!! Malaysia has been famous so far as a multi-racial country but nowadays facing so much racial problems. Maybe I'll consider Switzerland as my last option. Thanks!!
  8. What's unusual about "under £500 for a detached house" - you can buy two where I live in Worcestershire for that and have enough left over to furnish both. Ours is in a "good area" on the edge of beautiful countryside, good shopping, easy access to schools, GP surgery 10 minutes walk, hospital 15 mins walk, NHS dental drop-in clinic in the Town centre (2? miles) Detached, central heating, solar water heating, garage, landscaped garden and on a good day might fetch £200,000. They all speak English in our road, but in the Town we do have a Greek deli (with yummy baclavas) - the owner speaks excellent English, and a Polish deli with delicious breads, meats and things in jars - I admit their English is accented. When I had little children I worked part-time to be able to pay for Montessori pre-schooling (I didn't expect hand-outs from the tax-payer) and there were no Child Care Benefit payments. There IS public transport to our villages - wherever did you get the idea that us yokels don't have buses? - and they are free for us wrinklies. Been to Switzerland several times (alcohol was a prohibitive price) - my big problem was that however hard I looked I couldn't find the sea. The water spout on Lake Geneva (you can visit Chatsworth if you want a water spout) just can't compete with the sea breaking on rocky shores.
  9. Taxation in Switzerland is not 19% The federal tax rate in Switzerland is from 0% to 11.5%. But you also have Canton and Community tax's you have to pay. Which can increase the total tax rate up to 30% Switzerland also has a national VAT ( Value added tax ) of 7.6% on purchases. The VAT on food stuffs is 4%.
  10. we do demand, every few years we get the chance to change and that is democracy. i am sure the swiss would know of that.
  11. I'm an American Citizen and DAMN well proud of it. I don't have to turn forlorned enviable eyes to another Nation. Everything I could possibly want in life is right here at my beck and call if I'm mature and intelligent enough to go after it. I don't have anybody telling me I can't except myself. If this is the worst Country on the planet earth,then please explain to me why are so many people willing to die to get here? I thank my parents every day for being a citizen of this land of opportunity.