Landscaping Resources?

Looking for some good websites that provide info about landscaping. Trying to determine what types of plants grow best in certain areas and what kind of options their are instead of having a lawn. If you know of any really good sites please please let me know. I'm very new to all this landscaping/yard maintenance stuff. Thanks!


  1. i would definetly go to lowes or your town nursery. they always have a wide variety of plants and trees. depending on where you live, you should do your landscaping to fit that. if you live in the south you should do more of a tropical landscape with bright and exotic flowers and trees. if you live in the north go more for the greens with dashes of bright flowers. hope i helped you get a good idea for your landscape. :D
  2. Well, YA is good for that information, actually. Just tell us what zone you are in and whether the land is level or sloping, partly shady, dark or sunny, whether it is dry or boggy and stuff like that - then people can tell you what they recommend that would be a strong grower requiring little care and producing good blooms, etc. So let us know what kind of look you like, if you know that - tropical or English cottage, or formal garden, or meadow - any ideas you have so far and people will have ideas for you. I would add that info in a few hours - maybe submit a new question in about 4 or 5 hours so you are getting the maximum number of people on the system to respond, eh?